Georgia vs. Florida - Post Game Quotes
Damian Swann

Oct. 27, 2012

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Head Coach Mark Richt

On the win...

"I'd say we were not soft. The defense rose to the occasion, and everyone fought their tails off. There was a lot of emotion and two really good football teams getting after it. We came out on top.

I'm really proud of our players and coaches, and our fans were tremendous. Our seniors played well, and I know it's a game they'll remember for the rest of their lives."

On the defensive struggle...

"All games with two really good football teams come down to making big plays. We were struggling on offense, but we kept battling. They had their struggles with our defense as well. A lot of times defenses tend to bow their necks in games like this."

On Malcolm Mitchell's touchdown... "We had a chance to catch the ball and get in free space, and I'm glad I put Malcolm (Mitchell) back in the game. I think he learned his lesson. I was very, very impressed with that play in particular."

On Georgia's defense...

"We held them to field goal attempts early on, and right before the half getting the pick in the red zone was huge. It killed their momentum they had created."

On Jarvis Jones...

"I don't even know for sure what all he did, but I know he did some big things. It's unfortunate he hasn't been healthy, but he just gets right back up. He led like I've never seen him lead before. I'm just proud of him and the whole defense."

On Todd Gurley...

"He ran it 27 times and didn't fumble it, which is huge. I'm proud of him, no doubt. He's getting yards after contact, and he's a very physical kid."

On the Ole Miss game next week...

"I saw that Ole Miss won earlier, and I've been watching them from afar. I've been impressed with what they've done. They had a big victory over Arkansas today. I know we have our work cut out for us. We haven't won the east yet, but we're in control of it,

Quarterback Aaron Murray

On the first half....

"I was disappointed but knew that we were still up 7-6 and had an entire half to play. I knew that we could come out and make some things happen in the second half. We got a fresh start and had 30 minutes of game left."

On the win....

"This is a huge win. Anytime that Georgia and Florida play it's big. It was a No. 2 vs. No. 10 match-up and the east was on the line so it was a big deal."

On the post game celebration....

"It was awesome. Everyone was going crazy. I felt like we were out there for 20 or 30 minutes. There isn't a better feeling."

Running Back Todd Gurley

On Georgia's blocking...

"I had great blocking all day. I couldn't have done it without those guys. I've got to give it to (#46 Zander Ogletree), who came into the game and did great after Merrit (Hall) went down, the wide receivers and then the offensive line."

On making improvements...

"We have to stop the turnovers, but the defense kept giving us great field position. We need to work on finishing, but I thought that we finished better than we started."

On the first touchdown of the game...

"That was a great feeling. To score against that kind of defense, especially when it's against Florida is a great feeling."

Safety Bacarri Rambo

On the mood this week...

"I've never seen us work as hard as wee did this week. Hats off to all of the guys--they're all my brothers."

On the game and moving forward...

"We haven't won the East yet. We still have two more games left. We have to get back to practice on Monday and work hard for next week."

Linebacker Jarvis Jones

On the game this week....

"This was a great game for us. Shawn (Williams) gave us a challenge this week and everyone stepped up. This makes me feel better. We played every snap like it was out last and executed the game plan."

On his career day...

"I had a great game, but it's about what we did as a defense. All of us did what we came here to do. We beat the No. 2 team in the nation and it's a great feeling."

On Shawn Williams' challenge this week...

"I think that Shawn (Williams) issues us a challenge this week and everyone stepped up to it. Today we came out ready to play. I'm proud--this was a great Georgia win

Will Muschamp, Florida Head Coach

Opening statement:

"I've said all season long - we're not a team that has a lot of margin of error. Obviously, six turnovers led to 10 points, critical plays in the game. You've got to rise up to those opportunities you have and you have to make those plays. You've got to give them credit. They did and we didn't, but six turnovers, wow. That's tough to overcome."

"We had a hard time establishing some things in the running game, and they have some good players defensively."

"That's the end of the game in my opinion - six turnovers."

"It was great effort on Georgia's part trying to get the ball into the end zone, we just got to do a better job of the ball security."

On if Jeff Driskel had a rough game:

"When you become one-dimensional, it's hard. It puts a lot of pressure on him."

On not letting one loss become two losses:

"That's what I told the team in the locker room. You've won well together, now we'll figure out how we handle adversity as a football team."

On going forward:

"I think we'll be fine in the long run. We just need to push through this. There's no question - there's a lot of football to play. I'm very disappointed with the outcome of the game, not disappointed with the effort."

On what went wrong:

"We can't go out and lay it on the ground six times. That's not what we can do. We have to take advantage of field position, which we didn't. We have to take advantage of turnovers, which we didn't. We've just got to go back and regroup."

Florida Players

Defensive Back Jaylen Watkins

On normally being a strong second-half team:

"We have total confidence in ourselves that no one can score on us in the second half, and that's what our goal was. They got a touchdown on us but I think we did a good job getting the offense the ball back."

On turnovers:

"We hadn't had a lot of turnovers this year so it's just kind of a shock to everybody."

On SEC East Championship chances now:

"I think we fought hard this year and I don't really know how it falls as far as who's going but I just know that we're going to come in Monday and keep fighting like we're still going." Nose Tackle Omar Hunter

On Jordan Reed:

"Even if he had held onto the ball, you can't predict what would have happened. We're all behind him."

On what the message will be to the team:

"Getting back on Monday and telling everyone that it's just one game. We have four games ahead of us and we still have to go out and win those games, nothing else matters now."

Quarterback Jeff Driskel

About what Coach Muschamp and the coaching staff told them postgame:

"To the whole team they said, 'keep your head up.' We played hard; we made too many mistakes and that's what it comes down to. Like I said, we are just going to have to keep playing and finish out the season strong."

About his own play tonight:

"I made some critical mistakes, that's what it comes down to. When you have a defense like they do, you just can't turn the ball over. They're going to make stops, you can't force things and you just got to take points. There were a couple of times there where I just took points off the board and out our defense in tough spots."

About this being out of character (six turnovers):

"Like I said, it comes down to the basics. We have to work on it in practice and football's about taking care of the ball. We didn't do that tonight and when you have six turnovers, it's hard to win any game."

About what was at stake tonight (SEC East), how was locker room?

"Well, obviously after a loss like that you're going to be down. And, it's just like a win - if you come in after a big win, you're going to be excited and you can enjoy it for 24 hours so obviously were not happy right now. We're going to have to keep pressing forward and learn from our mistakes and keep practicing like we have the whole year."



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