Vanderbilt vs Georgia Post Game Quotes
Ray Drew

Oct. 16, 2011

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Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt

"First of all I want to say I think Vanderbilt did a fantastic job tonight. They were just inches away from winning the ball game there at the end; resilient bunch of guys, being behind most of the game, kept fighting the whole game, never gave in even when at the end when all we had to do was punt the thing down the field to pretty much ice it. They found a way to get in position to win the game on the last two plays of the game. My hat's off to Coach Franklin and the job he did, the job his players did. Also, I'm more thankful than anything we got the victory. It's a good thing to win on the road in the Southeastern Conference, it's a good thing to have five wins in a row, and four SEC victories in a row, all that's good. Thankful for the victory, but got a ways to go."

About the special teams miscues with the fake-punt and kick-off return:

"Fake punt play, fourth and over ten, as soon as they shifted, I should have called time out. My gut said time out, I basically asked are we good, and it happened real fast. You hate to have to go punt-safe when it's fourth and fourteen, you think you shouldn't have to go punt-safe the entire ball game, but maybe that's what we have to do just to secure the ball and get the ball back. That certainly gave them life. Kick return for a touchdown: looks like they just executed extremely well. Basically went out and touched. The block punt at the end, they put everybody up there and came after it and got it. On that play, I'm just thankful that Drew Butler had the presence of mind to get up and make a play, because if he doesn't make the play, the game's over."

Worried about lapses in special teams?

I've been worried about it. Last couple ball games, we kind of settled things down, got to the point where we were playing very good steady special teams. I don't know if we were necessarily winning special teams but we weren't losing because of it. Then tonight happened. Thankfully we have some time to regroup and do what it takes to get solid again.



Variety of play calling?

The double reverse, they had a lot of things that I thought were impressive. You figure sooner or later they're going to run out of some of their gadgets and at that time they'd softened us up enough that they just flat out hammered us. That one drive anyway. So I was really concerned that they were starting to hurt us with their running game. I thought maybe that was just a one line deal but they continued to have a good amount of success. Then Rodgers, their quarterback--a very resilient player, very gutty player--he ran the ball well. You could tell some were designed runs and some were just the fact that we were in coverage, he had no one open and he sped on through there and took off.

About the post-game argument:

I don't know what happened, I just know that I hate the fact that at the end of a game, we can't just shake hands like gentlemen and walk off the field like men of integrity. I really don't know for sure what happened , I've heard a couple sides of the story, but it's hard to know which one is one hundred percent the truth, but the fact is when the game is over, it's over. You shake hands and in our case, you're thankful for the victory. It's like at the end of a play: when the play is over it's over, you go to the sideline. And we didn't do a very good job of that at times. It was heated, it is a battle. It's not a war with real bullets but it's war in a sense. Tempers do get flared up. And we've got to mind our blood getting hot... Maybe TV will pick it up and we'll get a better sense of what happened, but we are grown men and we all need to act that way. But we're also competitors and we all have emotions and sometimes when you get a little bit fired up it's hard not to keep from getting in a jawing contest. I'll say this, there were times in the game where I was ashamed of some of the choice words that came out of my mouth. I've got to be disciplined too.

Georgia Player Quotes

#11 Aaron Murray -QB

On Vanderbilt's Defense- The players are prepared, you're not going to catch them off guard. When the opportunities are there you've got to hit them and we did that a lot tonight. Wish we could have had a couple more but we got enough points to win the game and we're happy to get out with a win.

On the back and forth style of the game- They had some pretty good plays and there was some crazy plays on special teams but we're just happy to get out of here with a win.

#47 Ray Drew- LB

Adversity- Whenever things get going rough, it lets us know that in a time of adversity we can come together as a team. In a way, it's a good/bad situation. It's a bad thing that it happened but it's a good thing that we could come together as a team.

#15 Marlon Brown- WR

I was focused out there and I told myself if the ball comes my way I'll just try to make a play. On stepping up tonight- Yeah, definitely. [Malcolm] Mitchell's not here and there were no more deep threats besides Tavares so I was just making plays.

#29 Jarvis Jones- LB

There's always room for improvement, we didn't play like we wanted to obviously. We had a lot of busts, we gave up some big plays. We had great defense and we shut people down, and I know we're capable of being better. We've got the players, we've got the coaching staff, and we've got the energy and mindset to be a physical and dominating defense. I'm just glad we get this week off to go over the mistakes.

#57 Blair Walsh- PK

We're a good special teams unit all around and we need to start putting more focus in it and we just need to perform better. We work and sometimes you don't get the breaks you want, sometimes you don't perform as well as you want.

It's definitely positive momentum to build on this game and also learn what you can from mistakes. We're winning, it doesn't matter if we win by one point we're still winning.

Vanderbilt Head Coach James Franklin

Opening Comments

"I want to thank our fans that came to the game and supported us. I appreciate them being here. I'm appreciative of Georgia's fans for coming early, cheering, and staying late. Our kids competed hard. At Vanderbilt, we're going to compete with class and play with class. I'm impressed with our guys. We competed and there are no moral victories. We lost to a good football team. I have tremendous respect for Coach Richt and his program."

On What Happened on the Field Post-Game:

"We just had a tough, emotional game and some things were said that I didn't think were appropriate. I went to find Coach Richt and didn't find him, so I found one of his assistant coaches and it didn't go well. We're not going to sit back and take it from anyone."

On What Happened When He Finally Found Coach Richt:

"I explained to him what happened. That's for me and Coach Richt to deal with. Hopefully, we'll learn from that experience. Those things happen."

On Jordan Rodgers' Play:

"He made some plays and he fought like crazy. He definitely made plays with his feet and I'm proud of him... I don't want to talk about who is going to be the starting quarterback until Wednesday... I'd like the focus not to be about the QB situation. I want the focus to be on what a great college football game that was... It's about the team and how we play together as a family. You earn everything you get."

On the Blocked Punt:

"You'd love to scoop and score... It wasn't for a lack of effort. It didn't bounce our way."

On Vanderbilt's Kickoff Returns:

"We have to find ways to make plays on special teams. We have to play aggressively on offense, defense, and special teams. I want our coaches to call the game aggressively. Don't play not to lose."

Vanderbilt Tailback Zac Stacy

On the game...

Give it up to Georgia. We played a very good football team tonight. We did a good job of fighting, but we came up short. It hurts, but it's definitely a learning experience for us and we're going to just try and get better for next week. On why the running game fared so much better tonight...

That's just us getting better. The offensive line does a good job of getting better each and every week. They did a great job tonight. It all starts with them.

On if the running threat of Jordan Rodgers helps his running game...

Jordan played an excellent game tonight. He did what he had to do to make plays, especially when his number was called. Whether it's him or anyone else on offense, we're just trying to make plays.

On the trick plays, including his halfback pass for a 43-yard touchdown...

It's just making plays and doing what we're expected to. I've never completed a pass that long before. I get a little anxious (when the play is called), but you just have to let it rip.

On the mood in the locker room...

It hurts. We just have to get better, move on and worry about next week.

On Jordan Rodgers...

He showed his versatility and his ability to make plays on his feet. We can built off that and get better.

Vanderbilt Linebacker Chase Garnham

On the loss:

"Obviously we're disappointed, but there's always positive things we can take from it. We'll watch film tomorrow to see our mistakes and learn from it."

On giving up 325 passing yards:

"That was a little disappointing. We didn't do a very good job of those zone covers and cover 2. We've got to get that fixed next week and continue to get better."

Vanderbilt Wide Receiver Chris Boyd

On the offense's last efforts to win the game:

"It was a good look by Jordan. The Georgia safety got over just in time and got a finger on it. If he wouldn't have gotten a finger on it I'm pretty sure I would have reeled it in, but it was just out of reach. It hurts. I wish I could have made the play."

On Jordan Rodgers' performance as quarterback:

"He was really good. He handled it like he should, like a veteran quarterback would. No one would have known that he hasn't been playing the majority of the time. He played really well, handled it really well, and made big plays when we needed them, so he did everything we expected of him. We're glad he can make plays like that. We can go a long way with a quarterback like that."

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