Georgia vs. Missouri Post-Game Quotes
J.J. Green

Oct. 12, 2013

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Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt

On the turnovers... "It was 4-0 on the turnovers. They did a really good job of securing the ball and we didn't. You hear coaches say it over and over, but you can't win a game turning it over like that."

On the second-half comeback... "We did a good job defensively and started scoring some points. It was impressive to get it back close early in the fourth quarter. Even near the end we were fortunate that they missed an extra point and we were within eight with a chance to tie it again. Being down as we were, we did a good job of making it interesting."

On the preparation this week following all the injuries... "Certainly when you have injuries or penalties or any setbacks in football, you've got to assess where you're at and what you've got to do to succeed. We used a lot of energy this week looking at situations and personnel to get the best plan for who we had. We moved the ball good, but we turned it over too many times. We also had possessions in the red zone where we got field goals instead of touchdowns, and that was a big part of the game."

On this week's plan... "We have to build on the positives, try to get a few guys healthy and get ready to go play Vanderbilt. ... It's important now to get ready for Monday's practice. We'll look at the film and make our corrections. We'll get our plan for Vanderbilt. The guys will lift and run and go to school on Monday. We just can't let the world stop. We've got to keep pressing forward. That's what our plan is."

QB Aaron Murray

On the offense... "We had plenty of chances to tie it up, but we just didn't execute. We were within two and then the defense got us the ball back down a score and we couldn't punch it in. It's disappointing."

On the turnovers... "We missed too many opportunities and the turnovers killed us. We can't give away the ball like we did and win a game like that. Both picks were forced throws trying to put the ball into tight spots where I probably should have checked down."

On the second half... "We knew that today was going to be a battle. We came [into the locker room] after the first half, and knew that we needed to go back out and keep grinding. We did a pretty good job of getting back in the game--we were within two points of tying it up--but just couldn't quite get it done."

OG Chris Burnette

On the mood of the team... "Well, the guys are obviously disappointed and that's tough, but we also understand that we have to go back to work on Monday. Regardless of where the goals we set out for are, we can keep getting better. There's a lot of football left."

TB J.J. Green

On his and Brendan Douglas' play today... "I just wanted to go out and prove that I could play, and so did Brendan. We aren't just freshman that can't do anything. Todd and Keith are great, no doubt, and we saw it as an opportunity to help the team. I think we stepped up today, but we needed to do a little more. We'll both learn from our mistakes that we made today and keep getting better."

DE Ray Drew

On the defense... "We went out and didn't take care of business when it counted. We had some trouble getting some stops. I think that we played well at times and so did the offense and special teams, but the next step is putting it all together." On what Missouri did well.... "[James Franklin] did a great job and so did his offensive line. [Franklin] is a good quarterback and he was keeping us guessing on the option."

CB Shaq Wiggins

On the defense... "We've been talking a lot about finishing the drill and finishing the play. We need to execute better. We need to play better when it counts."

Missouri Head Coach Gary Pinkel

Opening Statement... "Overall this was a great win. Georgia is a great football team and they have a lot of injuries. I have been through that before and I know that is difficult to deal with. We battled and I am really proud of our team for that. Georgia had all the momentum in the world in the third quarter and in the fourth quarter we got a little of that back. We knew that it wasn't going to easy coming down here. I said it in August and I said it in May that there is something about these guys that is really special. The toughest game that we are going to play is next week."

On momentum... "You get in the third quarter of that game and had great field position that our defense got, and Georgia came back with a couple of three-and-outs and the momentum just flipped and you saw it happen. Washington's third-and-nine pass was a big play for us, because had he not caught it, we would have punted the ball back to them. We called the double-pass and it worked. Just a lot of big plays for us today, including some turnovers. You always think that you are going to get turnovers and everyone works on them. Turnovers breed a lot of confidence and all of a sudden everyone thinks they are going to get one."

On the play of Maty Mauk... "We see him in practice and we try to help him out there. We might see a lot of him now. I don't think James will be back next week, but I don't know for how long. Maty has a lot of good people around him and anything can happen in this business."

On the goals... "There is no question that one of the goals for this team is to get back to Mizzou's winning ways. It is a big deal to them. They came in and inherited a lot of winning and it's important for them to leave the same way. They want to get back to competing for championships."

QB Maty Mauk

On his initial thoughts after James Franklin came off injured... "We were just sitting there going through the plays and then they call timeout and say it's my time to go in. I was just doing what I've been prepared to do, and I came in and did what I needed to."

On coming into the game in a pressure situation... "I came in, and everybody just told me to keep calm and do you. So I came in and got the plays to our guys. We executed well at the end. One of them we got stopped, but we scored when we needed to and we came out with a victory so that's all that matters."

On how big a win this was for the players... "It's real big, but we're going to come in tomorrow, watch what we did wrong, watch what we did good, learn from it, and get ready to go for the next game."

OL Evan Boehm

On the win... "Georgia is a great team with a great offense and a great defense. We are very fortunate to come in here and do the things that we just did. The coaching this week was phenomenal and it has been all season, but the main thing we have to do is stay hungry because we still have a lot of games ahead of us."

On his reaction to James Franklin leaving the game... "Nobody on the starting offensive line knew what was going on, but when Maty came up and came in we knew we were ready, and that we were ready to go with Maty. We worked with Maty during spring ball and we worked with Maty during camp, and he gets a couple reps during practice. He came in and did a great job."

DE Shane Ray

On whether or not his team earned respect with this win... "Honestly, I don't know if we did or if we didn't, but within our team we are very confident. We are coming off a great win and we are just going to keep grinding, keep pushing to get more victories."

On where the team will go from here... "After tonight, this game goes to history. Tomorrow we are going to come in and start preparing. Florida is a good football team so we are going to get ready for those guys."



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