Post Game Quotes - Georgia vs. Ole Miss
Cornelius Washington

Sept. 24, 2011

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Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt

Opening Comments:  "That was an outstanding victory for Georgia football.   The way we came out in the first half as a team was good.  We did really big things on both sides of the ball.  Their punt return hurt us before the half and was a big swing of momentum before the half.  It made the game closer than it should have been.  We came out in the second half with our defense playing a dominant ball game and held them to under 200 yards of offense.  We have defended the run pretty well all year long.  We had a little bit of trouble putting pressure on their quarterback and we had to blitz.  I thought the defense finished extremely well, but we started missing field goals.  That kept them in the game.  It could have gotten ugly and nasty, but the defense never let them do that.  It was an outstanding SEC road victory.  Those wins are hard to come by, and I am excited to play Mississippi State next week."

On field goals:  "It made me feel better that he made the last one.  I am glad that we were able to kick another one and he made it.  If we hadn't had another attempt the rest of the game, it still wouldn't have shaken my confidence in him.  He [Blair Walsh] is a good player and is one of the best in America.  He went through a rough spell, but he is our guy."

On time of possession and offense:  "It helped a lot that we used up time on the clock.  We moved the ball well throughout the game.  We missed some field goals; but if we had made them, it would have been 36 points of offense, which is a good offensive output.  I would have liked to see us score a touchdown in the second half to separate things a little better.  We had good drives though.  We had the 99-yard drive a few other good ones.  We got ourselves out of poor field possession."

Georgia Players
11 Quarterback Aaron Murray

2nd half: "I think it was great second half.  We moved the ball pretty much every possession, going up and down the field.  We got inside the 30 almost every time, and Blair Walsh makes those field goals for us.  I think we looked great, both first and second half."

On fourth downs: "I wanted to go for it every time. I think we had some big odds up front; we had some big running backs and fullbacks. We went for it and got it. I'm glad we went for it. We just need to work on our drives. But I think we executed some big plays today."

7 Tight End Orson Charles

"It always feels good to get a win, but we still have a lot of things to correct. We're going to celebrate the win, and then at 12:01 a.m., we're going to start getting ready for Mississippi State. We ran the ball a lot, and there are definitely some things we can correct. We'll watch film tomorrow, and on Monday we'll correct the mistakes and get ready for Mississippi State."

Ole Miss Head Coach Houston Nutt

Opening Comments: "I think our offensive line was much better than last week. But we have got to put up some points. What I like about our defense is they can make turnovers. We can rely on them for that. It gives us a boost of confidence that is always needed."

On team effort: "I thought we were a lot better looking from the sidelines. We were really rolling, the first drive looked beautiful. We did a good job at mixing things up. The defense played with more confidence today, but you can't have penalties or mistakes. These are the same things we have been talking about."

On the locker room atmosphere at halftime: "The feeling we had was the best you've had all year. We all seemed very positive. We felt this was a very attainable win."

On punt returns: "Jeff Scott did an awesome job at catching the punt and had a great handoff.  We have been working on that for about a month and a half. With (Nickolas) Brassell, you can see his athletic skills. The freshmen had some big plays."

On the passing game: "We were missing some throws. The thing that hurts us is the three and outs. We were so quick to get back to the sidelines and put our defense out on the field. There were some very achievable first downs. We are just missing some balls; you have to be able to get those. We had some guys open but the receivers did not make the catch. You have to make those covered catches."

On the game: "We are going to keep giving our guys a chance. Whether it is an onside kick, a fake field goal or whatever it takes to give our guys a chance."

On QB situation: "We are going to go back and look at it again. We are constantly trying to evaluate what is best. Zack Stoudt is able to control the huddle with the different personnel groupings. Our other guys have to get better at that."

Ole Miss Players

Ole Miss Wide Receiver Donte Moncrief

On today's game: "It was a horrifying game.  The offense wasn't great, and the defense wasn't great.  We just have to work harder."

On team's attitude: "The team is still the same.  We're keeping our heads up.  We're going to play harder and practice harder for Fresno State."

Wide Receiver Nickolas Brassell

On big catch: "Coach called my number, and I knew that I had to make a play."

On fake punt: "It was a great hand-off.  We've been working on it every day in practice during the week.  I was really just trying to go north and south."

On team: "We just have to come in everyday to work.  We have to come out and want it on the field."

On transition from high school to college: "It's much faster; but if you're out there, you just have to know your role and do your job."

Linebacker Mike Marry

On preparing for today's game: "We've just done the same thing that we've been doing: We practiced hard from Sunday until Friday, and have just done the same thing we've done since camp.  We have to work out a few mistakes and improve on defense so we can get even better next week."

On upcoming week: "We'll have to continue to work and get better and better every day that we step on the field."

Defensive Back Charles Sawyer:

On preparing for today's game: "We worked harder than we did last week and stayed together.  We just worked on the little things that we needed to improve on."

On upcoming week: "We have to do the same things we've done this past week.  We have to keep working and keep improving.  We have to find our mistakes and improve from them for next weekend."



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