All-Time Assistant Coaches

NameTotal YearsSeason StartedSeason Ended
Rex Frederick419621965-66
Gene DeTullio (freshman coach)419621965-66
Pat Stephens419661969-1970
Joe Bradley (freshmen coach)219671968-69
John Guthrie41969became HC in '73
Hugh Donahue319701972-73
Jack Berkshire319731975-76
Butch Clifton519731977-78
Calvin Jones319751977-78
Morris McHone119781978-1979
Larry Gay1119781988-89
Roger Banks319781980-81
Don Beasley619791984-85
Eddie Beidenbach61981Ad. Ass. In 1987
Nate Archibald119851985-86
Tevester Anderson (Became Ass. HC)919861994-95
Mark Slonaker619891994-95
Ray Zetts619891994-95
Ron Jirsa (Associate Head Coach)219951996-97
Shawn Finney219951996-97
Mike Sutton219951996-97
Michael Hunt419972000-01
Reggie Rankin319971999-2000
Jerry Waters319971998-99
James Holland419992002-03
Jeff Dunlap419992002-03
Jim Harrick, Jr.220012002-03
Mike Jones620032008-09
Ken McDonald120032003-04
Pete Herrmann (Assoc. Head Coach)620032008-09
Desmond Oliver520042008-09
Kwanza Johnson420102013
Philip Pearson (Became Asst. HC)62010
Stacey Palmore520102014
Jonas Hayes22013
Yasir Rosemond12015

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