Bulldogs Tour Other Coliseum, Play Final Game
The Bulldogs at the Coliseum

Aug. 11, 2012

On this, the last sightseeing day of the trip, we save some of the best for last!  We took a formal tour of the Colosseum, where we were all just blown away by this awe-inspiring monument of the ancient world.  It was there that we took our last group photo of the trip.

This tour also included a visit to the old Roman Forum.  The Capitoline Hill, the smallest of Rome's seven hills, was also on this tour.  It was the religious and political center of the city more than 2500 years ago.  Today it's called Campidoglio.

After the tour, the team had free time to rest up before the game.  We tipped off against All-Star Italy at 7:30, scored the first points of the game and never looked back, earning a 63-46 victory.



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