Catching Up With Patrick Boling
Patrick Boling picked up a win last Saturday with 5.1 scoreless innings.

March 6, 2013

Patrick Boling, a 6-2, 210-pound left-hander from Winder, Ga., is in his redshirt junior season with the Bulldogs. He has earned a spot in the weekend starting rotation this season after serving as a reliever and midweek starter earlier in his career. Last Saturday, he pitched a career-high 5.1 scoreless innings in a win over UAB.  As a sophomore in 2011, he helped the Bulldogs advance to an NCAA Regional final in Corvallis, Ore. Nick Daly of the UGA Sports Communications office caught up with Patrick recently to discuss his Bulldog career including the 2013 season. Boling is slated to start again this Saturday against Liberty. 

What are some of your team, and individual goals for the 2013 season?

“For the team, we just want to succeed and make sure we go to the SEC Tournament. Coach [Perno] has really preached the process this year and focusing on not really worrying about winning as much as going through the process and if we do that then it will take care of itself. As far as individual goals go, I just want to do whatever I can to help the team.”

How did last year as a redshirt benefit you?

“There were some things that went a long with the redshirt year in terms of getting older and maturing. Learning some humility was probably the best.” 

Was there anything specifically you tried to work on during that year in order to get ready for the 2013 season?

“The biggest thing was that early in my career I was trying to fix everything at once. Then in my redshirt year, I really started breaking down every part of my mechanics, everything one step at a time. That way I didn’t have to keep going back to different things as opposed to saying, ‘okay well everything’s going right I just have to change one thing.’ That was probably a big benefit for me.”



How did the offseason help the team come together and progress?

“This is my fourth year and this has been the best year, as far as I can tell, for team bonding. We just had a different weight lifting approach this year, and we’re just really tight as a team. There have been some little hiccups here and there, but as a team, we’re really close with each other this year.”

How has Coach Jason Eller helped you improve your technique and your focus when you’re on the mound?

“Coach Eller does a lot of in-game evaluation. You’ll be in a game, and he’ll notice something that you might not necessarily be doing right. He’s really good about noticing the small things that can help you in the process, even as far as in the middle of the game. For example, I was curling my shoulder a little bit during a scrimmage, and he said, ‘hey, I noticed that whenever you’re succeeding you’re not curling your shoulder as much.’ He’s really good about nitpicking on some small things that help you improve your strike percentage, which helps a lot.”

What’s your most memorable moment in your career at UGA thus far?

“It would probably be going on that run in the SEC Tournament my sophomore year. It was just incredible. We had been scrappy all year and we had lost [Jonathan Taylor] that year and then to go and beat South Carolina, Florida, all those teams that we had to beat just to get to the Regional was just really special. Especially with JT there.”

Who has had the biggest impact on your baseball career?

“It’s probably going to be my brother if I’m going to be honest. I know it’s pretty traditional to say your dad, and my dad did so much for me, probably as much as Jeremiah. Jeremiah played ball at Mississippi State. He’s always been there for me and telling me that, ‘hey, you have to do this or that differently.’ He’s been a really big influence on my baseball career.”

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