Catching Up With Jared Walsh
Jared Walsh will be a two-way player for the Bulldogs this season.

Feb. 11, 2013

Jared Walsh, a 6-0, 215-pound native of Duluth, Ga., is entering his second season with the Bulldogs. As a freshman, Walsh appeared in 30 games with 12 starts as a designated hitter. He hit .250 (4-16) with one home run and two RBI in SEC play. He had a career-high two-hit game at Alabama on May 17, reaching base in four of five plate appearances. In 2012, Walsh was recovering from an injury during his prep career and now healthy, he looks to be a two-way player for the Bulldogs this season.

How have your preparations been going for the upcoming season?

“It’s been going really well, but its been kind of tough since I pitch and hit. I have to divide time between both of them, which has been a challenge since I was still rehabbing from last year. It’s been a little bit different but it has definitely been fun being able to do a both.” 

What is the most important goal for the 2013 season?

“Obviously, I would like to have a better year than I did last season but more importantly we, as a team, want to perform better. We expected a lot last year and I think we expect a lot this year. We definitely want to have a better run in the SEC tournament, and anything that comes after, we’ll handle when it comes.”

What did you take away from last season?

“The game is a lot faster than any high school ball I’ve played. You have to be able to make adjustments on the fly, and I wasn’t really able to do that coming in as a freshman but I’ve learned from that, and think I will be able to do that this year.”

What was the most memorable moment of last season?

“There were some good games that come to mind. We were beating South Carolina, and they came back, and then Joey Delmonico had a walk-off hit to right field, which was a lot of fun for us. Also, the second game of the year, Brett (DeLoach) hit a walk-off double; walk-off wins are always really cool to experience.” 



Who has had the greatest impact on your life growing up?

“Both my mom and my dad have had a tremendous impact on my life. My dad was sick when I was a kid so my mom would always throw BP (batting practice) with me but both of them have been huge. Anything I’ve ever needed they have provided for me baseball-wise, they’ve made a ton of sacrifices.” 

What are you working on to improve from last year?

“I didn’t have a good season hitting, but really I’m just trying to work on making adjustments. Last year, I didn’t make adjustments well and it ate me alive. I’ve just worked on changing a few things and I think it has worked well for me.”

Being a pinch hitter can be tough, how do you prepare and stay involved in a game?

“I read the scouting reports a lot. Just watching the game is a big thing too because if you aren’t paying attention and they call on you then it’ll catch up to you. I just try to keep an eye on all of the pitchers even if I didn’t think I would get an at-bat for that game. I always pay attention so I am ready for any situation.” 

How are you approaching the season with an opportunity to pitch too?

“I’ve pitched my whole life so it’s really nothing new. I try to throw the ball over the plate and let the hitters get themselves out. I try not to over think it all because I know I have a great defense behind me. It’s important to have a lot of confidence out on the mound.” 

What has been your favorite place to place on the road?

“It was at LSU. We lost two hard games on a Friday and Saturday but we ended up coming back and taking the game on Sunday. It got really quiet so that was really cool.”

What do you look forward to most about the season?

“I think we’re all looking forward to a new start. Last year, I thought we underperformed after having high expectations. This year, we have a clean slate and can really do whatever we want. We just have to make sure all of our priorities are straight and we are all playing together.”


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