Men's Year by Year Results

YearHead Coach Pl. (Pts.)Pl. (Pts.)Pl. (Pts.)Pl. (Pts.)
1933Herman Stegeman--3 (26)NTS
1934Herman Stegeman--3 (30)NTS
1935Herman Stegeman--3 (21.5)NTS
1936Herman Stegeman--2 (32)T13th (10)
1937Herman Stegeman--1 (65)11th (11)
1938Weems Baskin--3 (36.5)NTS
1939Forrest Towns--6 (20)NTS
1940Forrest Towns--2 (30.3)NTS
1941Forrest Towns--12 (1)NTS
1946Forrest Towns--10 (.5)NTS
1947Forrest Towns--9 (3.75)NTS
1948Forrest Towns--11 (5)NTS
1949Forrest Towns--8 (13.7)NTS
1950Forrest Towns--9 (3.3)NTS
1951Forrest Towns--10 (7)NTS
1952Forrest Towns--T8 (9)NTS
1953Forrest Towns--8 (12)NTS
1954Forrest Towns--7 (11.2)NTS
1955Forrest Towns--4 (31.25)NTS
1956Forrest Towns--5 (22.5)T37 (4)
1957Forrest Towns5 (6.2)-5 (21.5)NTS
1958Forrest TownsT8 (3)-T3 (24)NTS
1959Forrest Towns--8 (14.1)NTS
1960Forrest Towns7 (7)-7 (12.5)NTS
1961Forrest TownsT7 (8)-T6 (11)NTS
1962Forrest Towns11 (2)-7 (15)NTS
1963Forrest Towns5 (10)-7 (10)NTS
1964Forrest TownsT7 (4)-9 (5)NTS
1965Forrest TownsT7 (5)NTS7 (14)NTS
1966Forrest TownsT8 (3)NTST6 (12)NTS
1967Forrest Towns7 (9)T27 (3)8 (6)NTS
1968Forrest TownsT6 (6)NTS8 (2)NTS
1969Forrest Towns7 (6)NTS7 (8.5)NTS
1970Forrest TownsT7 (4)NTS8 (6)NTS
1971Forrest Towns8 (6)NTS8 (9)NTS
1972Forrest Towns7 (7)NTS6 (25)NTS
1973Forrest Towns6 (12)NTS6 (30)NTS
1974Forrest Towns5 (20)NTS7 (39)NTS
1975Lewis Gainey8 (9.5)NTS8 (17)T61 (.25)
1976Lewis Gainey8 (8)T20 (4)7 (16)NTS
1977Lewis Gainey7 (7)T28 (3)6 (38)T28 (6)
1978Lewis Gainey8 (17)NTS7 (42.5)NTS
1979Lewis Gainey6 (33)NTS7 (38)NTS
1980Lewis Gainey7 (23)T37 (4)5 (67)T50 (2)
1981Lewis Gainey6 (35)T20 (8)3 (88)T11 (16)
1982Lewis Gainey2 (71)T40 (3)3 (84)NTS
1983Lewis Gainey5 (60)NTS4 (73)32 (15.5)
1984Lewis Gainey5 (67.5)T21 (8)5 (60)26 (21)
1985Lewis Gainey5 (42)NTS6 (49.5)NTS 
1986Lewis Gainey7 (39)T21 (8)5 (52)T39 (9)
1987Lewis Gainey6 (42)T44 (6)6 (53)T30 (9)
1988Lewis Gainey8 (39)58 (.5)5 (53)NTS
1989Lewis Gainey8 (22)NTS9 (11)NTS
1990John Mitchell9 (6)NTS7 (42)NTS
1991John MitchellT7 (30)NTS7 (39)10 (19)
1992John Mitchell5 (64)T36 (2)5 (66)T10 (22)
1993John Mitchell5 (49)T15 (10)6 (57)T10 (23)
1994John Mitchell3 (66)T6 (21)5 (60)8 (24)
1995John Mitchell7 (46)6 (24)5 (55.5)T10 (25)
1996John Mitchell8 (42.5)T45 (4)11 (20)54 (4.5)
1997John Mitchell9 (17)NTS11 (20)NTS
1998John Mitchell9(25)NTS6(64)T19(11)
1999John MitchellT7 (35)NTS8 (63)T63 (2)
2000Wayne Norton7 (34.5)41 (4)7 (38.75)17 (13)
2001Wayne Norton6 (62)18 (12)5 (78)T12 (22)
2002Wayne Norton6 (40.5)41 (5.5)5 (84.5)T11 (21)
2003Wayne Norton8 (46)T41 (5)3 (89)T14 (19)
2004Wayne NortonT4 (71)T34 (5)3 (115)26 (11)
2005Wayne Norton5 (67)NTS4 (99)15 (17.50)
2006Wayne Norton1 (101.50)T5 (27)1 (136)9 (25.75)
2007Wayne Norton2 (103)4 (28)3 (106)9 (24)
2008Wayne Norton10 (14.50)NTS10 (32)T60 (2)
2009Wayne Norton11 (14)NTS9 (45.50)NTS
2010Wayne Norton5 (65.50)T42 (4)5 (74.50)T26 (10)
2011Wayne Norton6 (54)NTS4 (94)T40 (6)
2012Wayne Norton3 (85.5)T23 (9)3 (109)T64 (2)
2013Wayne Norton4 (56)T18 (11)5 (56)T49 (4)
2014Wayne Norton6 (39)T26 (8)4 (92)6 (24)

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  • There are no recent results.
  • Saturday, Jan 7
    All Day
    at Orange & Purple Classic
    Clemson, S.C.

    Saturday, Jan 21
    All Day
    at Texas A&M Quad Meet
    College Station, Texas

    Saturday, Jan 28
    All Day
    at Razorback Invitational
    Fayetteville, Ark.

    Sunday, Jan 29
    All Day
    at Razorback Invitational
    Fayetteville, Ark.

    Friday, Feb 10
    All Day
    at Music City Challenge
    Nashville, Tenn.

    Saturday, Feb 11
    All Day
    at Music City Challenge
    Nashville, Tenn.


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