Swimming & Diving National Champions


Reid Patterson
100-yard freestyle: 50.50


Erika Hansen
1,650-yard freestyle: 16:00.04


Liesl Pimentel, Lisa Coole,
Andrea Morrison, Heather Blackmon
200-yard free relay: 1:30.84


Matt Buck
200-yard breaststroke: 1:56.62

Lisa Coole
100-yard butterfly: 54.21


Kris Babylon
200-yard IM: 1:45.19


Kristy Kowal
100-yard breaststroke: 59.05
200-yard breaststroke: 2:09.14


Kristy Kowal
100-yard breaststroke: 59.29
200-yard breaststroke: 2:07.66

Julie Varozza
1,650-yard freestyle: 15:59.66

Keegan Walkley
200-yard backstroke: 1:53.63

2000 Maritza Correia
200-meter freestyle: 1:57.33

Kristy Kowal
100-meter breaststroke: 1:05.74
200-meter breaststroke: 2:22.05
200-meter individual medley: 2:10.69

Courtney Shealy
50-meter freestyle: 24.80
100-meter freestyle: 53.99
100-meter backstroke: 58.66

Courtney Shealy, Stefanie Williams,
Jennifer Mihalik, Maritza Correia
400-meter freestyle relay: 3:37.67

Courtney Shealy, Kristy Kowal

Keegan Walkley, Maritza Correia
400-meter medley relay: 3:57.46


Stefanie Williams, Julie Hardt
Kim Black, Maritza Corriea
800-yard freestyle relay: 7:06.48



Maritza Correia
50-yard freestyle: 21.69
100-yard freestyle: 47.56

Stefanie Williams, Neka Mabry
Paige Kearns, Maritza Correia
200-yard freestyle relay: 1:53.79

Stefanie Williams, Neka Mabry
Paige Kearns, Maritza Correia
400-yard freestyle relay: 3:13.79


Maritza Correia
50-yard freestyle: 21.83
100-yard freestyle: 47.29

Mary DeScenza
200-yard butterfly: 1:53.51

Neka Mabry, Paige Kearns
Samantha Arsenault, Maritza Correia
200-yard freestyle relay: 1:29.86

Robert Margalis
400-yard individual medley: 3:39.92


Mary DeScenza
200-meter butterfly: 2:06.02

Kara Lynn Joyce
50-meter freestyle: 24.24
100-meter freestyle: 53.15

Kara Lynn Joyce, Neka Mabry
Paige Kearns, Andrea Georoff
200-meter freestyle relay: 1:37.27

Kara Lynn Joyce, Neka Mabry
Andrea Georoff, Mary DeScenza
400-meter freestyle relay: 3:35.14

Neka Mabry, Sarah Poewe
Mary DeScenza, Kara Lynn Joyce
400-meter medley relay: 3:56.


Mary DeScenza
100-yard butterfly: 52.11
200-yard butterfly: 1:54.19

Kara Lynn Joyce
50-yard freestyle: 21.97
100-yard freestyle: 47.50

Kara Lynn Joyce, Paige Kearns,
Andrea Georoff, Amanda Weir
200-yard freestyle relay: 1:28.10

Kara Lynn Joyce, Paige Kearns,
Mary DeScenza, Amanda Weir
400-yard freestyle relay: 3:13.56

Mary DeScenza, Kara Lynn Joyce,
Elizabeth Hill, Amanda Weir
800-yard freestyle relay: 7:01.03

Samanatha Arsenault, Sarah Poewe
Mary DeScenza, Kara Lynn Joyce
200-yard medley relay: 1:37.81

Samantha Arsenault, Sarah Poewe,
Mary DeScenza, Amanda Weir
400-yard medley relay: 3:33.89


Laura Conway
500-yard freestyle: 4:40.01

Mary DeScenza
100-yard butterfly: 51.56
200-yard butterfly: 1:53.78

Kara Lynn Joyce
50-yard freestyle: 21.63
100-yard freestyle: 47.41
200-yard freestyle: 1:43.96

Tricia Harm, Sarah Poewe,
Mary DeScenza, Kara Lynn Joyce
200-yard medley relay: 1:37.24

Mary DeScenza, Jessica Cole,
Claire Maust, Kara Lynn Joyce
800-yard freestyle relay: 7:03.75

Chris Colwill
1-meter diving: 407.10 points
3-meter diving: 460.95 points

Sebastien Rouault
1,650-yard freestyle: 14:29.43


Kara Lynn Joyce
50-yard freestyle: 21.71
100-yard freestyle: 47.24


Chris Colwill
1-meter diving: 407.25

Sebastien Rouault
500-yard freestyle: 4:09.48
1,650-yard freestyle: 14:26.86

Gil Stovall
200-yard butterfly: 1:41.33


Allison Schmitt
500-yard freestyle: 4:35.17

Wendy Trott
1,650-yard freestyle: 15:45.49

Kristen Shickora, Kelly McNichols,
Lisa Caprioglio, Anne-Marie Botek
200-medley relay: 1:36.45

Troyden Prinsloo
1,650 freestyle: 14:30.91

Neil Versfeld
200-yard breaststroke: 1:51.40


Wendy Trott
1,650-yard freestyle: 15:48.87
Allison Schmitt
200-yard freestyle: 1:42.84
500-yard freestyle: 4:34.13
Morgan Scroggy, Megan Romano,
Chelsea Nauta, Allison Schmitt
800-yard freestyle relay: 6:55.61


Wendy Trott
1,650-yard freestyle: 15:40.32
Allison Schmitt
200-yard freestyle: 1:42.08
500-yard freestyle: 4:34.20
Bill Cregar
400-yard individual medley: 3:40.97
Mark Dylla
200-yard butterfly: 1:40.60
Morgan Scroggy, Megan Romano,
Melanie Margalis, Allison Schmitt
400-yard freestyle relay: 3:11.03
Morgan Scroggy, Megan Romano,
Shannon Vreeland, Allison Schmitt
800-yard freestyle relay: 6:55.40


Megan Romano
200-yard freestyle: 1:41.21
Martin Grodzki
500-yard freestyle: 4:12.95
1,650-yard freestyle: 14:24.08
Shannon Vreeland, Jordan Mattern
Amber McDermott, Megan Romano
800-yard freestyle relay: 6:55.96


Allison Schmitt
200-yard freestyle: 1:41.85
Shannon Vreeland, Chantal Van Landeghem,
Allison Schmitt, Megan Romano
400-yard freestyle relay: 3:09.40
Shannon Vreeland, Megan Romano,
Brittany MacLean, Allison Schmitt
800-yard freestyle relay: 6:54.43
Chase Kalisz
400-yard individual medley: 3:38.05


Brittany MacLeanv 500 freestyle: 4:32.53
1,650 freestyle: 15:27.84
Laura Ryan
1-meter diving: 338.60 points
3-meter diving: 423.15 points
Olivia Smoliga
50-yard freestyle: 21.59
Chase Kalisz
400 individual medley: 3:34.50

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