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Preparation for Professional Sports Career

Information provided to student-athletes and parents to assist in future professional career choices.

The University of Georgia takes great pride in our student-athletes and their accomplishments both in the classroom and on the field.

The issues outlined here help to inform our athletes and others of UGA policies, NCAA regulations, and state laws that affect them as they seek a professional career. It is important that our athletes and their families understand that an inappropriate action by an agent could result in an embarrassment to the student, their family, and the university. While there are certainly some very good agents who are quite capable of helping athletes, there are also some unscrupulous ones that will take advantage of athletes. This information is meant to inform and educate our athletes, encouraging them to utilize the resources available to them at this institution as they move on to the next level.

Director of Athletics

  • All agents must be registered with the State of Georgia and we must have proof of registration on file. The State of Georgia supplies a copy of the registration through the Georgia Athlete Agents Regulatory Commission.
  • The University of Georgia abides by all NCAA rules as they affect the amateur status of student-athletes.
  • A Career Counseling Panel is appointed by the President of the University and serves in an advisory capacity to our student-athletes. The panel plays a role in career decisions of our student-athletes, and may be present during organized meetings between agents and UGA student-athletes.
  • A library of information regarding individual agents/representatives and their respective programs is maintained by the Athletic Association for student-athletes' use.
  • All agent correspondence should first be sent through the Office of Standards before being forwarded to student-athletes.
  • Primary point of contact is Eric Baumgartner, Assistant Athletic Director Compliance.

The University of Georgia makes it a point to provide educational opportunities for student-athletes, parents, and others regarding NCAA rules. It is our primary goal to protect the athlete's amateur status as well as the well being of the institution.

Agents must register with the State Regulatory Commission and are required to post a surety bond of $10,000. No athlete agent may contact an athlete, either directly or indirectly, or otherwise engage in or carry on the occupation of an athlete agent without first registering with the commission.

The state's athlete agent law, recently revised in 2003, expanded the power of a university to bring civil action against athlete agents in the event their actions cause the institution to be brought before a governing body and penalized. It also provides for civil action against enrolled student-athletes should their actions cause the institution to be brought before a governing body and penalized.

Penalties for violating state laws are felonies incurring fines no less than $5,000 and no more than $100,000 or by imprisonment from 1 to 5 years, or both.

I. "It's Okay to Talk but be Prepared": The athlete, as well as family and friends, can talk to agent candidates who come calling before the athlete's college eligibility ends. HOWEVER, the athlete cannot sign a contract to retain an agent or make an oral commitment to hire an agent until he has completed his eligibility.

II. "Take Nothing of Value": Neither the athlete, his parents, other relatives nor close friends can receive anything of value from an agent prior to the end of the athlete's college eligibility.

III. "Don't be in a Hurry": Because you cannot sign a contract until you have completed your eligibility, take your time in evaluating agent options.

IV. "Shop Around": Just like choosing a doctor or any other professional, you must feel comfortable with the agent's qualifications. Above all else, your agent should be honest, trustworthy, and financially accountable.

V. "Check References": Get names and phone numbers of current and former clients of the agent candidates-ask how prompt the agent is in returning calls, attending meetings.

VI. "Check with your Coach, Athletic Counselor, Athletic Administrator, or Career Counseling Members": Your coaches have many years of experience-you may want to keep them informed about which agent you are interviewing.

VII. "Seek Financial Legal Counsel": You will have a contractual business relationship with the agent. Any contract you sign with an agent should be reviewed by an attorney who is not affiliated with the agent.

VIII. "Seek Financial Investments and Accounting Advice": BE CAUTIOUS if the agent provides all professional services-too much control could lead to carelessness, abuse, or worse. There has to be checks and balances.

IX. "Help prepare your Draft Strategy": When you select an agent, the next step is to prepare for your draft strategy-which trainer and facilities to use, team interviews, etc. Be aware of who is paying for the training and facilities. You need to be comfortable with the strategy and feel your input was considered.

X. "Continue to Evaluate your Agent and your Relationship with Him and his Organization": After you sign a contract, make sure to keep an original of the documents for your records. Selecting your agent is a serious business decision that should be evaluated on a periodic basis.

Why take advantage of it?
Disability insurance is a means of protecting a student-athlete's future earning potential while enrolled as a collegiate student-athlete.
Who qualifies?

Typically, you must be a high draft projection to be eligible for disability insurance. Olympic sport athletes need to be a premiere standout in their sport.
What does it cost?

It is permissible for a student-athlete to secure a loan for disability insurance. A general rule for premium costs is about $1 to $2 for every thousand dollars.
What does the insurance cover?

The insurance will in most cases be full extensive coverage for any injury that happens to the student-athlete on or off the field. It is important to note as for all the general rules there may be some exclusions due to previous injuries.
Who has information?
UGAA Compliance Office 706-542-9103.

The Career Counseling Panel is a diverse group of highly skilled professionals at the University who are appointed by the president to assist student-athletes in matters surrounding their future careers such as:
  • Providing directions on securing a loan for purchasing disability insurance.
  • Reviewing proposed professional contract
  • Assisting in the agent selection process
  • Advise on issues related to post collegiate career decisions

(Example: Football)
Parent Sessions:
G-Day (Spring Scrimmage)
Picture Day (Fall Pre-Season)

Players Sessions:
Professional Sports Career Day (End of Spring Semester) or G-Day (Spring Scrimmage)

NCAA Rules Certification (Pre-Season)
Agent Affidavit Meeting (Fall)
Financial Management Meeting (Fall)

Meetings are also set up on an individual basis by the student-athletes with coaches, compliance and members of the career counseling panel.

Compliance Office
(706) 542-9103
Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance
Eric Baumgartner

Career Counseling Panel
(706) 542-4379
Assistant Professor, J.M. Tull School of Accounting
Dr. Mark Dawkins

(706) 542-7366
Administrative Services Department
Mr. Dexter Fisher

(706) 542-3772
Assistant Professor, J.M. Tull School of Accounting
Dr. Ben Ayers

(706) 542-1845
Director for CHAMPS/Life Skills
Mr. Robert Miles

Gambling & Agent Representative
Rachel Newman
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