UGA Sports Nutrition

The University of Georgia supports the importance of nutrition for athletic performance by housing one of the largest collegiate Sports Nutrition departments in the country. With 2 full time dietitians, 1 fellowship dietitian, and a strong staff of assistants, graduate assistants, and undergraduate interns, we are equipped to offer a unique, competitive edge helping student athletes perform at their personal best on and off the fields of play.

Sports Nutrition at UGA stands by our philosophy of: Prevent, Protect, Perform.

Prevent: We are committed to addressing nutrition-related problems before they happen. Stress fractures, chronic inflammation, and anemia are just a few conditions our team can help prevent with proper nutrition.

Protect: We provide student athletes with foundational and sport-specific nutrition knowledge to protect from injury and illness, sustaining durability throughout collegiate careers and beyond. Educating student athletes on topics such as supplement safety protects not only their well-being, but also their eligibility.

Perform: We expose student athletes to our consistent message, providing the education necessary to perform at an elite level. We also provide teams with functional snack options within locker room fueling stations to enhance the outcome of training sessions. Nutritional support for competition is also a key priority to ensure individual energy and nutrient demands are met.

Sports Nutrition In Action

Training Table: Exclusive buffet style lunch with menus developed for the competitive student athlete's needs

Competition Nutrition: Ensuring high energy for performance
  • Pre and post-game meals
  • Game time nutrition plans and product planning
Nutrition Education: Delivering personalized education
  • Team priority presentations
  • Individual student athlete counseling
  • Cooking classes
  • Grocery store and dining hall tours
Body Composition: Noninvasively using Bod Pod Analysis
  • Appropriate goal setting
  • Accurately discussing changes to the body

Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation: Using evidence-based science to protect the student athlete from the inside out
  • Individualized rehabilitation nutrition plans
  • Iron deficiency screening
  • Vitamin and mineral assessment
  • DXA bone density screening
Fuel Stations: Bridging the gap between meals and practice
  • Food in every locker room facility customized for team's pre-practice energy and post-practice recovery needs
Supplement Evaluation: Guiding student athletes to an informed choice
  • Health, safety, doping, and quality risk assessment
  • Product and usage recommendation

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