Team U.G.A Eligibility & Selection Criteria Nominator

Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible for consideration, each nomination must meet the following minimum criteria:

- Nominator must be at least 13 years old.
- All nominations must be submitted online at
- A nominator may only nominate one person throughout the season. If a nominator submits multiple nominations, only the first submission will be considered.
- No self-nominations are permitted; nominations must be submitted on behalf of another person who is not a member of the nominator's immediate family or someone with whom the nominator is domiciled.
- Nominator must provide the contact information, including email address and telephone number for the nominated Team U.G.A member.

To be eligible for selection as a Team U.G.A member, the nominee must meet the following minimum criteria:

- Must complete a publicity release as a condition to selection.
- A Team U.G.A member may be nominated several times by multiple people, but please remember quality over quantity.

Organization Criteria

To be eligible for selection as a designated organization to receive an award the organization must meet the following minimum criteria:

- 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization with solid local operations, highly regarded organizational and board leadership, and in good financial standing.
- Headquartered and providing services within the State of Georgia. A local chapter of a national organization headquartered within Georgia will be eligible.
- Be representative of the cause for which the Team U.G.A was nominated (but not necessarily an employee of the organization).
- Have a track record of quality service delivery and demonstrated results.
- Demonstrated fiscal responsibility and long term sustainability of programs.

General Rules
- All nominations become the property of the UGAA and will not be returned.
- The UGAA reserves the right to use and edit the nomination in its sole discretion for use in publication or promotion.
- Nominated Team U.G.A. may be contacted to provide additional information and have their information verified.
- Submissions will be judged from among all eligible nominations received.
- If more than one nomination is received for a particular Team U.G.A. nominee, the UGAA in its sole discretion may designate one of the nominators as the honoree to be recognized at the game presentation for the nominated Team U.G.A. member.

Factors to be Considered in Selection Process
- The following is a non-exclusive list of factors to be considered by the UGAA in selecting the Team U.G.A. members:
- The degree to which the nominee has been a catalyst for a cause that meets basic human needs or enriches the lives of others.
- The degree to which the nominee has exhibited dedication and selflessness.
- The degree to which the nominee has made a special and significant impact on individuals, families or the community-at-large.
- The degree to which the nominee has gone "above and beyond" to serve and inspire others.
- The degree to which the Nominator is able to convey the overall significance and impact of the nominees work.