Georgia Bulldogs

Javier Acevedo
Canada Swimming
Events: 100, 200 BK
Gunnar Bentz
USA Swimming
Events: 800 FR-R
Medals: Gold 800 FR-R
César Castro
Brazil Diving
Events: 3-meter springboard
Jenny Dahlgren
Argentina Track & Field
Events: hammer
Yijun "Tom" Feng
USA Table Tennis
Hali Flickinger
USA Swimming
Events: 200 FL
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Tynia Gaither
Bahamas Track & Field
Cejhae Greene
Antigua Track & Field
Events: sprints/relays
Charles Grethen
Luxemborg Track & Field
Events: 800m
Kibwe Johnson
USA Track & Field
Events: hammer
Chase Kalisz
USA Swimming
Events: 400 IM
Medals: Silver 400 IM
UGA Highlight Video
Leontia Kallenou
Cyprus Track & Field
Events: high jump
Matias Koski
Finland Swimming
Events: 200, 400, 800 FR
Jay Litherland
USA Swimming
Events: 400 IM
UGA Highlight Video
Brittany MacLean
Canada Swimming
Events: 200, 400, 800 FR-R
Medals: Bronze 800 FR-R
Melanie Margalis
USA Swimming
Events: 200 IM/800 FR-R
Medals: Gold 800 FR-R
Shaunae Miller
Bahamas Track & Field
Events: sprints/relays
Medals: Gold 400m
Keturah Orji
USA Track & Field
Events: triple jump
Alexandra Oquendo
Puerto Rico Volleyball
Brittany Rogers
Canada Gymnastics
Events: TBA
UGA Highlight Video
Karl Saluri
Estonia Track & Field
Events: decathlon
Allison Schmitt
USA Swimming (team captain)
Events: 400 FR-R/800 FR-R
Medals: Gold, 800 FR-R, Silver 400 FR-R
Olivia Smoliga
USA Swimming
Events: 100 BK
Medals: Gold 400 FR-R
UGA Highlight Video
Levern Spencer
St. Lucia Track & Field
Events: high jump
Maicel Uibo
Estonia Track & Field
Events: decathlon
Chantal Van Landeghem
Canada Swimming
Events: 500, 100 FR, 400 FR R
Medals: Bronze 400 FR-R
Bubba Watson
USA Golf
Events: TBA
Amanda Weir
USA Swimming
Events: 400 FR-R
Medals: Silver 400 FR-R
Kendell Williams
USA Track & Field
Events: Heptathlon
Coach Jack Bauerle
USA Swimming Assistant Coach
UGA Highlight Video
Coach Petros Kyprianou
Estonia Track & Field Assistant Coach
Dan Laak
Brazil Assistant Diving Coach
Michelle Gerlosky Schiffler
USA Paralympic sitting volleyball
Lindsay Grogan
USA Paralympic swimming
Events: TBA
Jarryd Wallace
USA Paralympic Track & Field
Events: sprints/relays

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DayDateTime (ET)Athlete(s)EventVideoTV Coverage
Saturday6-Aug12:02 PMChase Kalisz (USA), Jay Litherland (USA)400m IM - HeatsNBC
Saturday6-Aug12:48 PMMatias Koski (Finland)400m Freestyle - HeatsNBC
Saturday6-Aug2:24 PMAllison Schmitt (USA), Amanda Weir (USA)4x100m Freestyle Relay - HeatsNBC
Saturday6-Aug9:03 PMChase Kalisz (USA), Jay Litherland (USA)400m IM - FinalNBC
Saturday6-Aug9:30 PMMatias Koski (Finland)400m Freestyle - FinalsNBC
Saturday6-Aug10:24 PMAllison Schmitt (USA), Amanda Weir (USA)4x100m Freestyle Relay - FinalNBC
Sunday7-Aug8:45 AMBrittany Rogers (Canada)Gymnastics QualificationNBC
Sunday7-Aug12:02 PMOlivia Smoliga (USA)100m Backstroke - HeatsNBC
Sunday7-Aug12:19 PMMatias Koski (Finland)200m Freestyle - HeatsNBC
Sunday7-Aug1:16 PMJavier Acevedo (Canada)100m Backstroke - HeatsNBC
Sunday7-Aug1:33 PMBrittany MacLean (Canada)400m Freestyle - HeatsNBC
Sunday7-Aug9:11 PMMatias Koski (Finland)200m Freestyle - SemisNBC
Sunday7-Aug10:01 PMBrittany MacLean (Canada)400m Freestyle - FinalsNBC
Sunday7-Aug10:12 PMJavier Acevedo (Canada)100m Backstroke - SemisNBC
Sunday7-Aug10:36 PMOlivia Smoliga (USA)100m Backstroke - SemisNBC
Monday8-Aug12:02 PMBrittany MacLean (Canada)200m Freestyle - HeatsNBC
Monday8-Aug12:56 PMMelanie Margalis (USA)200m IM - HeatsNBC
Monday8-Aug9:03 PMBrittany MacLean (Canada)200m Freestyle - SemisNBC
Monday8-Aug9:21 PMMatias Koski (Finland)200m Freestyle - FinalNBC
Monday8-Aug9:30 PMOlivia Smoliga (USA)100m Backstroke - FinalNBC
Monday8-Aug9:38 PMJavier Acevedo (Canada)100m Backstroke - FinalNBC
Monday8-Aug10:36 PMMelanie Margalis (USA)200m IM - SemisNBC
Tuesday9-Aug12:28 PMHali Flickinger (USA)200m Butterfly - HeatsNBC
Tuesday9-Aug12:28 PMHali Flickinger (USA)200m Butterfly - SemisNBC
Tuesday9-Aug1:17 PMGunnar Bentz4x200m Freestyle Relay - HeatsNBC
Tuesday9-Aug1:17 PMMatias Koski (Finland)4x200m Freestyle Relay - Heats
Tuesday9-Aug9:19 PMBrittany MacLean (Canada)200m Freestyle - FinalNBC
Tuesday9-Aug10:38 PMGunnar Bentz4x200m Freestyle Relay - FinalNBC
Tuesday9-Aug10:38 PMMatias Koski (Finland)4x200m Freestyle Relay - Final
Tuesday9-Aug10:29 IMMelanie Margalis (USA)200m IM - FinalNBC
Wednesday10-Aug12:02 PMChantal Van Landeghem (Canada)100m Freestyle - HeatsNBC
Wednesday10-Aug1:31 PMMelanie Margalis (USA), Allison Schmitt (USA)4x200m Freestyle Relay - HeatsNBC
Wednesday10-Aug9:12 PMChantal Van Landeghem (Canada)100m Freestyle - SemisNBC
Wednesday10-Aug9:54 PMHali Flickinger (USA)200m Butterfly - FinalNBC
Wednesday10-Aug10:55 PMMelanie Margalis (USA), Allison Schmitt (USA)4x200m Freestyle Relay - FinalNBC
Thursday11-Aug7:30 AMBubba WatsonRound 1StreamGolf Channel
Thursday11-Aug12:26 PMBrittany MacLean (Canada)800m Freestyle - HeatsNBC
Thursday11-Aug1:36 PMJavier Acevedo (Canada)200m Backstroke - HeatsNBC
Thursday11-Aug9:35 PMJavier Acevedo (Canada)200m Backstroke - SemisNBC
Thursday11-Aug10:18 PMChantal Van Landeghem (Canada)100m Freestyle - FinalNBC
Friday12-Aug7:30 AMBubba WatsonRound 2StreamGolf Channel
Friday12-Aug8:35 AMKendell WilliamsHepthathlon - 100m HurdlesStreamNBC
Friday12-Aug9:10 AMCharles Grethen (Luxemborg)800mStreamNBC
Friday12-Aug9:50 AMKendell WilliamsHepthathlon - High JumpStreamNBC
Friday12-Aug10:55 AMShaunae Miller (Bahamas)100m - PreliminariesStreamNBC
Friday12-Aug12:02 PMChantal Van Landeghem (Canada)50m Freestyle - HeatsNBC
Friday12-Aug7:35 PMKendell WilliamsHepthathlon - Shot PutStreamNBC
Friday12-Aug7:40 PMJenny Dahlgren (Argentina)Hammer Throw - QualificationsStreamNBC
Friday12-Aug9:03 PMJavier Acevedo (Canada)200m Backstroke - FinalNBC
Friday12-Aug9:05 PMKendell WilliamsHepthathlon - 200mStreamNBC
Friday12-Aug9:20 PMBrittany MacLean (Canada)800m Freestyle - FinalNBC
Friday12-Aug9:40 PMShaunae Miller (Bahamas)100m - Round 1StreamNBC
Friday12-Aug9:59 PMChantal Van Landeghem (Canada)50m Freestyle - SemisNBC
Saturday13-Aug7:30 AMBubba WatsonRound 3StreamGolf Channel
Saturday13-Aug8:30 AMCejhae Greene (Antigua)100m - PreliminariesStreamNBC
Saturday13-Aug8:40 AMKenturah OrjiTriple JumpStreamNBC
Saturday13-Aug10:00 AMShaunae Miller (Bahamas)400m - Round 1StreamNBC
Saturday13-Aug10:45 AMKendell WilliamsHepthathlon - Long JumpStreamNBC
Saturday13-Aug11:00 AMCejhae Greene (Antigua)100m - Round 1StreamNBC
Saturday13-Aug7:00 PMKendell WilliamsHepthathlon - JavelinStreamNBC
Saturday13-Aug8:00 PMShaunae Miller (Bahamas)100m - SemisStreamNBC
Saturday13-Aug9:03 PMChantal Van Landeghem (Canada)50m Freestyle - FinalNBC
Saturday13-Aug9:05 PMCharles Grethen (Luxemborg)800mStreamNBC
Saturday13-Aug9:35 PMShaunae Miller (Bahamas)100m - FinalStreamNBC
Saturday13-Aug9:53 PMKendell Williams (USA)Hepthathlon - 800mStreamNBC
Sunday14-Aug7:00 AMBubba Watson (USA)Round 4StreamGolf Channel
Sunday14-Aug3:30 PMBrittany Rogers (Canada)Uneven BarsStreamNBC
Sunday14-Aug7:35 PMShaunae Miller (Bahamas)400m - SemisStreamNBC
Sunday14-Aug7:55 PMKenturah Orji (USA)Triple JumpStreamNBC
Sunday14-Aug8:00 PMCejhae Greene (Antigua)100m - SemisStreamNBC
Sunday14-Aug9:25 PMCejhae Greene (Antigua)100m - FinalStreamNBC
Monday15-Aug8:35 AMShaunae Miller (Bahamas)200m - Round 1StreamNBCSN
Monday15-Aug9:40 AMJenny Dahlgren (Argentina)Hammer Throw - FinalsStreamNBCSN
Monday15-Aug2:15 PMCésar Castro (Brazil)3m Springboard - PrelimsNBCSN
Monday15-Aug2:46 PMBrittany Rogers (Canada)Balance BeamStreamNBC
Monday15-Aug9:25 PMCharles Grethen (Luxemborg)800mStreamNBCSN
Monday15-Aug9:45 PMShaunae Miller (Bahamas)400m - FinalStreamNBCSN
Tuesday16-Aug9:00 AMCésar Castro (Brazil)3m Springboard - SemisStreamNBCSN
Tuesday16-Aug1:47 PMBrittany Rogers (Canada)Floor ExcersiseStreamNBC
Tuesday16-Aug5:00 PMCésar Castro (Brazil)3m Springboard - FinalStreamNBCSN
Tuesday16-Aug9:00 PMShaunae Miller (Bahamas)200m - SemisStreamNBCSN
Wednesday17-Aug8:30 AMKarl Saluri (Estonia), Maicel Uibo (Estonia)Decathlon - 100mStreamNBC
Wednesday17-Aug8:40 AMKibwe Johnson (USA)Hammer ThrowStreamNBC
Wednesday17-Aug9:35 AMKarl Saluri (Estonia), Maicel Uibo (Estonia)Decathlon - Long JumpStreamNBC
Wednesday17-Aug11:15 AMKarl Saluri (Estonia), Maicel Uibo (Estonia)Decathlon - Shot PutStreamNBC
Wednesday17-Aug4:45 PMKarl Saluri (Estonia), Maicel Uibo (Estonia)Decathlon - High JumpStreamNBC
Wednesday17-Aug8:20 PMKarl Saluri (Estonia), Maicel Uibo (Estonia)Decathlon - 400mStreamNBC
Wednesday17-Aug9:30 PMShaunae Miller (Bahamas)200m - FinalStreamNBC
Thursday18-Aug8:30 AMKarl Saluri (Estonia), Maicel Uibo (Estonia)Decathlon - 100m HurdlesStreamNBC
Thursday18-Aug9:00 AMLeontia Kallenou (Cyprus)High Jump - QualificationsStreamNBC
Thursday18-Aug9:00 AMLevern Spencer (St. Lucia)High Jump - QualificationsStreamNBC
Thursday18-Aug9:25 AMKarl Saluri (Estonia), Maicel Uibo (Estonia)Decathlon - DiscusStreamNBC
Thursday18-Aug10:20 AMShaunae Miller (Bahamas)4x100m - Round 1StreamNBC
Thursday18-Aug10:40 AMCejhae Greene (Antigua)4x100m - Round 1StreamNBC
Thursday18-Aug12:25 PMKarl Saluri (Estonia), Maicel Uibo (Estonia)Decathlon - Pole VaultStreamNBC
Thursday18-Aug5:35 PMKarl Saluri (Estonia), Maicel Uibo (Estonia)Decathlon - JavelinStreamNBC
Thursday18-Aug8:45 PMKarl Saluri (Estonia), Maicel Uibo (Estonia)Decathlon - 1500mStreamNBC
Friday19-Aug8:05 PMKibwe Johnson (USA)Hammer ThrowStreamNBC
Friday19-Aug9:15 PMShaunae Miller (Bahamas)4x100m - FinalStreamNBC
Friday19-Aug9:35 PMCejhae Greene (Antigua)4x100m - FinalStreamNBC
Saturday20-Aug7:30 PMLeontia Kallenou (Cyprus)High Jump - FinalStreamNBC
Saturday20-Aug7:30 PMLevern Spencer (St. Lucia)High Jump - FinalStreamNBC

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