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Jen Ketterly
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Director of Sports Nutrition

Jen Ketterly, sports nutrition director at the University of North Carolina, has been named Director of Sports Nutrition at the University of Georgia in September 2011.

Ketterly manages nutrition education, writes individual performance nutrition plans, monitors body composition, evaluates nutritional supplements, plans pre-game and travel meals and much more. Ketterly specifically is responsible for supervising the nutrition care of UGA's football, basketball, volleyball and women's golf programs.

Since 2003, Ketterly has served in numerous capacities at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with the most recent being director of sports nutrition. In this role, Ketterly oversaw all aspects of the Tarheels' sports nutrition program, such as nutritional services and education, football training tables, and departmental nutritional supplement programs and purchases. Along with this, Ketterly started serving as an Advisory Board member and Registered Dietitian at UNC's Center for Retired NFL Athletes, and will continue this role while at UGA.

Ketterly worked in a similar position at the University of Connecticut's Student Health Services and Department of Athletics from 2000-03. As nutrition coordinator/sports nutritionist, Ketterly counseled students, student-athletes and teams and assisted with training tables. She also founded the University of Connecticut Sport Nutrition Network.

In 1999, Ketterly was a program assistant for the University of Kentucky Wellness Program where she worked with all aspects of the statewide-distance programming, which covers all of the satellite, community and technical campuses in the UK system, and assisted in planning wellness days and health screenings.

Outside of her professional work, Ketterly has experience in teaching, publication and research. At almost every place she has worked, Ketterly has either been a lecturer, guest lecturer, instructor or preceptor. She has published book chapters and articles, researched various topics and presented at multiple conferences and meetings.

A varsity basketball player at Cornell University, Ketterly graduated in 1998 with a bachelor's in Nutritional Science. The St. Albans, W. Va., native earned her master's in Clinical Nutrition/Sports Nutrition in 2000 from the University of Kentucky while completing her dietetic internship at UK's Chandler Medical Center. Ketterly is a Registered Dietitian through the American Dietetic Association and a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics.

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