In Memory of Larry Munson

Larry Munson, legendary voice of the Georgia Bulldogs for 42 years, died at his Athens home Sunday night.

Munson wrapped up a lifetime of sports broadcasting in the fall of 2008, after working as the Voice of the Bulldogs since 1966. His dramatic delivery, along with an unabashed partisanship for the Bulldogs, endeared him to generations of UGA fans.

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Amanda Gordon (Winder): I will never forget going to the games in Sanford with my Dad and him sharing his headphones with me so we could have the best experience possible!

Eric Palefsky: Thanks for all the fine memories of watching the tv with the radio on your voice. The ONLY way to watch a UGA game.

Paul Thorman Nashville Tn: Thanks for all the great Dawg memories. You will be greatly missed.God Bless.

Corey Doepp, Midway, GA: Me and my father would watch the Bulldogs play but would mute the TV and turn on the radio, just to listen to Mr. Munson. We all will miss him dearly.

Jim Watson: RIP Larry..."Hunker down one more time"

Michael oxford,GA: The Dawg Nation has lost a part of it's soul.We love and miss you were one of a kind.God has himself an announcer!

Robert Bennett, Kennesaw GA: Munson, Your voice was the soundtrack of my childhood every Saturday in the fall. Georgia football hasnt been and will never be the same without you. Hunker Down up there in heaven for us. RIP and Go DAWGS!

Billy Thomas Chattanooga TN: Thanks for all the memories and all the great calls we will miss you and you will always be the voice of the Bulldogs!

Dacula: I really enjoy listening to Scott Howard but the games haven't been the same without Larry's voice adding that special flavor to the games.

James Gober - Forest Park, GA: RIP Larry, thank you for giving us some of our best memories in Georgia Football History. You will certainly be missed, but never forgotten! GO DAWGS!

Rick williams,Dalton: Our prayers to the Munson family.

Dewayne Tupelo,Ms: RIP Larry, you were the best memories of Georgia football! Prayers to your family. Go Dawgs!

Edwin B. Harrison, Nashville, TN: RIP Larry, thanks for all the memories.

John Cole-Warner Robins, Ga: What a loss for the bulldog nation! Thanks for everything! GO DAWGS!

Lakeland Dawg: RIP LARRY. Now the Dogs owe you one this weekend. I know you will be leading them to victory from heaven!

Dallas, GA: RIP Larry Munson! Once a Bulldog, Always a Bulldog! Thanks for the memories!

James, Canton, GA: Thanks for taking so much time to talk to me in Jacksonville in '97. I was only 10 and you treated like I was somebody.

Tyler Daniel-Dublin,Ga: I remember watching games with the TV on mute so that I could hear Larry on the radio. Damn Good Dawg!!!

Misty, Snellville, GA: We will miss you Larry! GO DAWGS!

Tallahassee, Fl: Thanks for all the memories and you will be deeply missed.

Scott Valentine (Williston, SC): There are too many memories to list here but the 1980 Tennessee game is my favorite. Being from SC, I had to listen to the game on my parent's car radio. The signal kept fading in and out and I almost ran the battery down!! Thank you for all of the memories!! We love you, Larry!!

Andrew (Athens): Ever since I can remember, I would sit and watch the game on mute while listening to Larry on the radio. A legend that wont be forgotten.

Caleb Cross (Newnan GA): Thanks for all of the memories, Larry. Prayers go out for his family RIP.

Jackson, SC: I grew up listening to Larry Munson broadcasting the Georgia games. When I think of UGA, he will always be a part of my memory.

Grant T. Griffin, Mableton, GA: The greatest sports announcer who ever lived. You gave me some of life's best memories. You were wonderful.

Clark - Cumming, GA: Kentucky 1978. Of all the great calls this one is the first real memory for a 13 year old Dawg fan! Thanks Larry for making every game special!

Gary,LaGrange,GA: RIP Larry, you will forever be the voice of the DAWGS in our memories.

Brian Dill (Carrollton): Thanks for giving my Dad and I a chance to bond over a set of headphones in Sanford Stadium. Thanks for all the memories..DGD!

timothy bunting-columbus ga: the game will never be the same. you are georgia football no matter who is there. you will be missed.R.I.P.

Ball Ground, Ga.: R.I.P Larry.

Athens, GA: You were the voice that rang through my childhood...I'll always look back and think of you and home!!

Karen, Kennesaw: I got my passion for football from my dad and Larry Munson. Thank you for a lifetime of good memories.

Dakota Blair- Nashville, TN: Larry was one of my childhood heros. His voice brings back so many good memories. Go Dawgs and God bless Larry Munson.

Tom, Wichita, KS: Whether it was a plea to the boys to hunker down, putting a jack boot on the neck or sugar raining from the sky, Larry was a once in a lifetime annoucer who loved the Dawgs. Georgia football misses Larry.

Keith (Columbus, Ga): Larry, thanks for the memories. Once a dawg, always a dawg!

Dakota Blair- Nashville, TN: Larry Munson was one of my childhood heros. Thank you Larry for all of the memories.

Scott Harris (Fort Worth): If only you could give us the picture from Heaven. Bet you and Lewis are sharing some stories. Prayers to the family. Thanks for the memories!

Andrea Williamson, GA: We always enjoyed listening to Larry Munson call the Bulldog games on the radio. You were a true fan of the game and our DAWGS!! You will be missed!

Mick Tifton,GA: Larry, You will be missed. Thanks for all the great memories. The Georgia Bulldog Nation will miss you.

Gainesville, GA: Larry, you WERE Ga. football to me! I hope you and Lewis are enjoying a cold one on a porch somewhere in heaven today! :)

Scott Harris (Fort Worth): If only you could give us the picture from Heaven. Bet you and Lewis are sharing some stories. Prayers to the family. Thanks for the memories.

Will (Rome, GA): "Alright, get the picture now. God and Jesus are dressed in all white, brilliant gold crowns and are surrounded by a heavenly host!" The Bulldog Nation and I thank you, Larry, for making our Saturdays so special. Go Dawgs!

Paul Duncan(Temple Ga): No one as classic as Larry munson...for goodness sake he should be inshrined!

Will (Rome, GA): "Alright, get the picture now. God and Jesus are dressed in all white, brilliant gold crowns and are surrounded by a heavenly host!" The Bulldog Nation and I thank you, Larry, for making our Saturdays so special. Go Dawgs!

Lisa Patterson: Suwanee: RIP Larry! Because of you I listen to the radio while at all football games. You will always be the best and the Dawg nation will miss you terribly!

Lark, Marietta: Just like many others, Larry Munson's voice filled my house every Saturday morning. TV on mute, radio on. As I got older, his voice took me back!

Sean: Remeber when GA beat FL in 1997. He was just waiting to light that victory cigar. Would watch the game on TV and listen on the radio just to hear Larry.

Chria (Simpsonville, SC): Larry, thanks for taking me to the sidelines for all those games. Now you have the best seat in the stadium. Love ya!

Tyler Cloud from Loganville: Now Larry gets to pour the Sugar falling out of the sky. No doubt that Erk and Ugas I through VIII met him at the gates of heaven. Larry, you were a DGD. God Bless you and your family.

Glenn (Brooks,GA): RIP Larry, You were the best. Never will forget being 12yrs old and hearing Run Lindsay Run.

billy athens: larry you will be missed

Becky Burton, (Lawrenceville, GA): Who could ever forget "Lindsey Scott, Lindsey Scott, Lindsey Scott" and the broken chair. Wonderful memories of that gravely voice.

Daina ( Savannah ,Ga): I will never forget sitting with my father listening to Larry, a great man has passed and I think the stadium will forever be silent.

billy lincolnton: larry you are Ga Football to me...

Shawn Buford: Larry Munson you where the greatest sports announcer I ever heard doing any football games in Georgia. R.I.P.

Chris (Warner Robins, Ga.): R.I.P. Mr. Munson you will be sorely missed

Eastman: Larry you painted the picture so well I felt that I was by your side at every game. R.I.P. my friend.

Sam ( Richmond Hill): Listening to Larry was better than being there (with apologies to Lewis Grizzard) He was the BEST

Marc (St. Marys, GA): Every dawg has his day. We love you brother.

Susan, Lawrenceville: He was and always will be the voice of Saturday afternoons. Rest in Peace.

Buck (Hahira): Rest in Peace Mr. Munson. We will all cherish the wonderful memories that you have left in each of our lives. As you look down on us and call the games from heaven's radio booth, know that we will be Hunkering Down...just one more time! Go Dawgs !!!

Nate Redding, Cartersville GA: Mr. Munson, you will be missed. Your play by play calls for the Dawgs are forever etched in my memory. You helped to shape and mold my love for the greatest football team ever. I hope they have hobnailed boots in heaven.

Augusta: I will always remember ''the sugar falling out of the sky'', and Butler kicking it a 100.000 miles'' Thank's Larry. RIP.

Cathy P.: Thanks for the memories, Munson! DGD.

Tony Brown, Statesboro,Ga: One of the greatest dawg ever!!!

Curtis(Louisville,KY): "Run Lindsey, Run" Greatest moment in Dawg history!

Danny (Mobile, Ala): Told me I should be a preacher,I miss him

Chase (Athens): Larry will always be the voice of the Bulldogs we love him and he will be missed. good bye Friend.

Russ (Colquitt, GA): Lifelong DAWG and Alumni...Thanks for all of the great memories and making the Bulldog Nation what it is today. Every Saturday in Athens when they play "The Battle Hymn of the Bulldog Nation", I get chills listening to Munson's greatest calls...DAWGS lets win the next two weeks in ATL for "the greatest man to ever call a football game"! GO DAWGS!!!

Bobby Young: I listened to Larry on a transistor radio as a kid in Garden City, Ga. There will never be another like him. Thanks, Larry, for painting the picture

Mobile,Ala: There goes Larry,simply the BEST that ever was!!!!!!!!!!

Chuck (Duluth): Oh you Larry Munson!RIP

Forsyth, GA: RIP Larry. You will always be the voice of the Dawg nation.

Upstate NY: Lindsay Scott! Lindsay Scott! Lindsay Scott!

Tom (Cumming): Because of you Larry, i now know what a hob nail boot is!

Sandy (Athens): RIP Larry. You will always be Georgia football to me. Like so many others, your voice filled my house on football weekends. DGD!

Nashville, TN: Thank you for the fondest memories I have of being a Bulldog and my father's son. RIP YOU Larry Munson.

Marcus Nashville TN: Thank you for the memories! There will never be another like you! RIP you Larry Munson

Pam - McDonough: So many memories, too many to list. I think in honor of this fine man, the Dawgs should "black out" versus Tech Friday and wear their black jerseys. It would be a nice showing of respect.. oh yea and "sugar is falling from the sky"...RIP Head Dawg Munson!

Chad (St. Mary's): Larry Munson will be missed.

Erin McFall-Estes, Griffin, GA: RIP Larry. You were my first introduction to Bulldawgs football. My dad used to always have you on the radio while we were fishing when I was a kid.

ronnie screven ga.: thanks for all the memories ga football will never be the same without you munson

Mel Gilbert (Columbus , Ga): RIP Larry Munson.....NOBODY did it better

Rhonda,Nicholson,Ga: My dad and I loved to listen to Larry announce the Georgia games. We would turn down the volume on the tv so we could hear the game called as only Larry could do it! RIP,Larry!

Brian Cooksey, Dalton, GA: Larry will forever be the 12th man of the Dawgs! The memories of his famous calls and his mark on generations of UGA fans will never be forgotten.

algates, surprisw az: larry, skip carry. vin scully. none better. go dawgs

Jeff (Fernandina Beach,Fl): Larry, You were a true classic. Thanks for the memories!

Jacqueline (Dalton, GA): R.I.P. Larry...Thank you very much for being "our eyes" and making those Bulldog games come to life for the Bulldog Nation! You will be missed.

Joey(Thomason, Georgia): Larry, thank you for being my eyes when the game wasn't on tv! Thanks to his family for sharing him with us on all those Saurdays!

Beth, Claxton GA: Gone but not forgotten. Deepest condolences to your family.

Jeff Bagwell, Cleveland, Ga: Although I wasn't around the last 2 years of his broadcasting career, I can still hear some of his quirky ways of calling the play's; "And he ran a mile and only gained a couple on the play." or, "And he's about 8 foot tall and 500 pounds." Larry was, by far, a DGD! We'll miss you Larry!

Joe, Coral Springs FL: Thank you for being a true Dawg thru and thru; we are forever in your debt

Andy (Grayson): We loved you as an announcer and as more as a person. You're on the Mt. Rushmore of UGA legends. You're the gold standard of Georgia lore.

Clay Proffitt (Athens GA): We all have a dictionary, but no one can put the words together like you did. Though your mic may be silent, your voice will never die. Thanks Larry!

lynn Breedlove marietta, Ga.: Larry was my link to the bulldogs for my whole life. I went to the games with larry in my ear. He will be missed. Larry Munson defined Bulldog Nation football. May God rest your soul.

Winder: I loved being in the press box with the voice of the dawgs for 8 years. You will be missed!

wayne moultrie: oh!!!!!!!!! the memories rip larry your already missed

John Fleming, Decatur, GA: Thanks for all the lasting memories you gave me and all the Bulldog Nation.

Stephen P (Atlanta): I guess the next time sugar falls on us from the sky, we will know who's dropping it. Thank you God for Larry and his passion.

Howard McCrackin (Myrtle Beach SC): GOD BLESS YOU LARRY

Elton and Vivian Cooper Greenwood, SC: We loved Larry Munson and UGA Dawgs so much we named our two English Bulldogs after two players in one of Munson's calls (Lindsay Scott and Buck Belue

Sherry S (Covington): Look @ the Sugar fallin from the sky - we're gonna have 2 kick this 100,000 miles -lindsey run lindsey 35 lindsey 25 lindsey run - & we come down w/ a hobnail boot & broke their nose! Larry Munson the greatest play caller ever & biggest DAWG fan of us all! R.I.P.

Christopher West (Minot AFB, ND): Larry you have Hunkered Down for you final play and surely this Dawg has gone to Heaven. My prayers and deepest condolences go out to your family, friends, and the team. Your voice will forever live on in our hearts and will never be forgotten. The true heart and soul you put into the game was a blessing to all.

cameron britt Tifton, Ga: Some of my fondest memories were tuning in to Larry on Saturdays! You will be missed dearly.

Gayle Goetz Cleveland, GA: I grew up listening to Larry every Saturday with my mother. Larry will be missed by both of us. God Bless Larry and his family.

Sherilyn Dunn (Denver, CO): I remember sitting on the railroad tracks listening to Larry call the game we were watching for free (1976). RIP, Larry, we love you!

Joe Morris, UGA 76, Guyton, GA: Larry will always be Georgia Football to me. I "watched" many games with him; his descriptions made sure I "got the picture". His commentary showed how much he cared for the Dawgs, and he definitely honed my passion for the Dawgs. I am sure that he will always be watching the Dawgs from above. My condolences to his immediate family, as well as to my fellow members of the Bulldog family. We are all saddened by our loss, but we must celebrate his life and the special gifts he shared with us.

Ray - Villa Rica: I fell in love with Georgia Football back in the days when we were lucky to be on television more than once or twice a year. Larry Munson was our connection with the Dawgs. He began every play-by-play with, "Alright, get the picture" He then painted that larger than life picture for us for the next few hours. There will never be another Larry Munson.

The Richs, Williamson, GA: Surely GOD blessed all of us by leading you to the Dawgs Larry. Your voice will always echo in our hearts and thrive among the hedges.

Ashly Hanson Archdale NC: Thank you for all of the great memories. We will miss you dearly.

Roger,Gray,Ga: Can see larry going thru the pearly gates with all the UGAs who left before him. Larry Munson a DGD forever. RIP- GO DAWGS


The Kesslers, Savannah, Ga.: For 42 years................ God bless his family.


Matthew Cook (Phenix City, Al.): I knew when it was UGA football time, It was time for Mr. Larry Munson. Thanks for all the great memory. RIP...To a great man.. Thank you

Rodney(Atlanta): Never will forget how he "gave us the picture" Vandy is wearing gold pants and white tops, kinda looks like Army did back in the 50s." RIP!


Chris (Baxley): The UGA Nation will forever be grateful for the many memories you have brought us. Rest in Peace!

Michael(Lincolnton,NC): "There's no way we can do it with 1 second & Bobo throws that thing in the endzone and touchdown,touchdown on the goalline!!-The non-pareil Munson

Robin (Atlanta): Look at the tears falling from the sky. . .look at the tears falling from the sky. You are forever with bulldawg fans everywhere !

Brian Waycross, GA: I'm in much prayer for family and friends. I have great memories of listening to every game on the radio. God bless.

Kris ( Covington, GA ): Nothing was better than listening to Larry on the radio. He made listening to a Dawgs game on the radio better than watching it on TV!

Charlotte, NC: "My God he's just a freshman!" how many great quotes has Larry given us.

Gainesville, GA: 1 of a kind. You will be missed.

Cindy (Greenville, SC): Too many memories to share just one but would love to see the bulldawg nation wear Munson's name on their apparel on Saturday as a tribute to a great man!!!

Gordon Cooksey, Fortson, GA: After a game, my son and I could hardly wait to hear radio replays of the big plays in the game! You truly brought the plays to life for the Bulldawg Nation. We miss you!

Daryl Smith: So many great memories with so little time! Now Larry and Erk can "hunkerdown one more time together". This man will never be replaced and will be missed by the Dawg Nation forever. RIP brother!

Terry Reid Hartwell, Ga: always remember in 1980 when Herschel Walker came in for the first time as a freshmen and ran over bill bates for a touchdown. we will miss u Larry Munson.

Kim (Colquitt, GA): I grew up listening to Larry Munson with my family on Georgia football Saturdays. I waited anxiously on this quote.."Get the picture!"

Susan Butler (Lake Spivey, GA): Growing up Larry Munson was part of every Saturday.My dad and I would watch the game on TV &listen to Larry on the radio.You will be missed!Go DAWGS!!

Taylor Hamala (Watkinsville): watching uga vs. tennessee 2001 with my dad and celebrating as Munson made his famous "Hobnail Boot" call.

Robin (Atlanta): "Look at the tears falling from the sky. . .look at the tears falling from the sky". You are forever with us !

Johnny (Milledgeville): Simply the Best. Thanks for all the memories. God Bless

Mike (snellville): Lets Hunkerdown and crush face one more time for The Legend Larry Munson!! May God Bless You Larry.

Kevin (Hiram Ga.): Larry"s clock always moved too slow when the Dawgs were leading and too fast when they were behind.Rest in Peace.

The Culpeppers, Vidalia, Ga: Heart felt prayers and sympathy to the Munson family and all the Ga nation with the loss of Larry. Give UGA I-VIII a hug for us you are all sorely missed. RIP Larry.

Wes Watkinsville: Larry, Thanks for being the background sound of my childhood. HUNKER DOWN YOU HAIRY DAWGS Thanks Larry FOREVER

Barbara (Martin, GA): You were the voice of the GEORGIA BULLDOGS. You can never be replaced.

Eric Milam stockbidge ga: Larry will be missed,his enthusiasm made the game for me! sugar is raining from the sky!! RIP Larry! Go Dawgs!

Ronnie Teems - Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga: Thanks for the memories Larry!

Al Osborn Cincinnati, OH: Turn off the TV sound and turn on the radio, Larry's calling the game.

Jason Ferguson(Locust Grove,GA): We will miss you Larry. God Bless and GO DAWGS

Amanda (Orlando, FL): Every time I listen to a UGA game on the radio, I always image Larry Munson's voice. UGA games haven't been the same since he retired, and Bulldawg Country lost a great Bulldawg this weekend. RIP Larry.

Sherry - Forsyth, GA: RIP Larry...Thanks for the memories!

Dan (Brunswick): I recall the first time listening to Larry on the radio. I passed up a date to listen to the Dawgs!

Matthew M (Acworth): Larry you will never be forgotten. The Dawg nation have great memories listening to you. We all will miss you. God Bless Munson family

Rockingham,NC: Nobody will never call a big Dawg game like Larry Munson! RIP!

daniel dewitt - memphis: my favorite call was the hobnail boot 2001 tennessee game...I'll miss you larry

Mandy Malone-Benson: Larry had a way of bringing the Dawgs into you living room like no other announcer ever could. God bless his family! "Oh you Herschel Walker!"

Stuart - Atlanta: Larry, you will be missed. Thanks for showing us all how to truly love Georgia football. Hunker Down!

Kim - Austin TX (Macon originally): Larry Munson taught me about football (and made it exciting for a young girl). I spent every Saturday for the first 17 years of my life sharing a pair of headphones with my Daddy as we watched the game from the nosebleeds or on our TV at home. Thanks for the memories Top Dawg!

Kris ( Covington, GA ): I like many of you would also mute the TV in favor of Larry Munson play by play on the radio!

Tad Thompson (Dacula, GA): After hearing the hobnail boot call, we drove from Atl to Knoxville to celebrate with the fans. Only Larry could paint a picture that inspiring.


Joe (Murrayville Ga: You are missed, Larry !! R.I.P.


John Cooksey (Monroe, GA): My dad said it best (above)...we would anxiously await the post game highlights to hear you!!!! We Love you and Miss you!!! You will never understand what you meant to me and so many others!!!! Go Dawgs!

Clint Ludowici, GA: I'll never forget muting the games on tv listening to Larry with my uncle or when Georgia had that comeback win at Auburn

Valdosta Ga.: Munson we know you will be there as the sugar falls from the skies you will always be there to watch and protect our Dawgs! Love you Munson

Biren A (St. Augustine, FL): I will never forget meeting Larry (briefly) during my days at Georgia. Wearing headphones to games...R.I.P Larry. You will never be forgotten!

Ricky (Cochran, Ga.): Your setting of "Get the Picture" at the start of every Georgia Football game will never be duplicated. You are missed. RIP! Go dogs.

Bob- S.C.: Three great calls from Heaven this weekend, Larry Munson UGA-GT; Bob Fulton and Jim Phillips USC-Clemson

KW (Annapolis, MD): Like so many others, I grew up on Georgia football and Larry Munson. Thank you for the unforgettable memories of great games and wonderful times with my family. The Bulldog Nation was one GREAT angel! RIP Larry.

Britt (Waycross, GA): Munson, you have given me some of the best memories as a BullDawg fan. I will never forget.....RUN Lindsey!! You will be missed.

Ty (Jacksonville,FL): Too much to say...we'll just have to "pick our bleeding hearts up off the ground , and Hunker down one more time"

Linda Kitchens, FL: Simply the best!

Athens, GA: I grew up a Bulldog fan because my Dad played in the 30's but Larry make me a fanatic while you hung on every call of the game. One of my fondest was UGA at LSU in the late 70's when Lindsey Scott returned a kick off 99 yards for a TD, it was magic as I sat listening on the radio.

Derick (Rome, GA): Larry Munson, You are and always will be the Voice and History or Georgia Football. What a Legend. Thank You so much for all the Famous Calls and Memories you created for us all. Im happy to know that Sunday, my Nephew got to meet you when you were called Home. Go Dawgs!

Derick (Rome, GA): Larry Munson, You are and always will be the Voice and History or Georgia Football. What a Legend. Thank You so much for all the Famous Calls and Memories you created for us all. Im happy to know that Sunday, my Nephew got to meet you when you were called Home. Go Dawgs!

Phillip (Columbus): Dad and I used to sit in front of the TV every Saturday and listen to Larry Munson over the radio. Dad usually fell asleep, but I was captivated.

Austin, GA: Larry Munson was the one bulldog fan that every bulldog fan knew and wanted to listen to. He really was the Voice of the Dawgs. RIP Larry Munson.

Renee, Athens: I never watched a game on TV where it wasn't muted so I could listen to Larry. Larry is a big reason I became a UGA fan and attended the University.


Aunt B: Now my Granddad and Larry can hang out in heaven and watch those silver britches hunker down!!! <3

Cameron Hasty (Aiken, SC): You were the greatest of all time, Larry. So many legendary calls. Watch out steppin on those streets of gold with a hobnail boot on. God bless!

Tim Morfoot, McDonough: The true legendary voice of UGA silenced forever. Thanks Larry for making us all feel like we were there even though we weren't. RIP my Hobnailed booted friend. You've been missed since the day you retired.

Cohutta, Ga: As a former player, it was an honor for Larry to call our games!! He loved the Dawgs and The Dawg Nation!!

Tim Morfoot, McDonough: The true legendary voice of UGA silenced forever. Thanks Larry for making us all feel like we were there even though we weren't. RIP my Hobnailed booted friend. You've been missed since the day you retired.

Destin (Ft Benning): GO DAWGS!!! RIP LARRY!!! ILL MISS YOU. Only way to listen to a GA game

Missy (Leesburg): Larry, you are a legend! No one can give me chills while listening to a game like you can! You will truly be missed! Go Dawgs!

Melanie (Macon): Being the only announcer to ever break his chair, being so excited. <3 YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!

Ed Cranford (Hayesville, N.C.): How can you describe Larry in just a few words? The main one that comes to mind is "unique". There will never be another Larry Munson.


reed (biringham): thanks for the great years and great announcing for georgia football. RIP larry. god bless your family our prayers are with your family

Jaime Desiree Peebles: RIP Larry!! You will be dearly missed. Your legendary spirit will live on throughout the Bulldog Nation!! Hunker Down in the Heavenly Realms <3

Charlotte: As the late great Lewis Grizzard once wrote - Listening to Munson was better than being there!! We'll miss you Bulldawg!!

Anna, Eastman, GA: RIP Larry...You will be missed. GO DAWGS!! :)

Dallas: My memories are with My Papa, who taught me Georgia football He would always mute the TV and listen to you. Thank you

Judy Rogero, Fairmount, GA: R.I.P. Larry! You were "a damn good dawg!"

Mary (Atlanta): I've never known a time where UGA football & Larry Munson didn't go together like a hand in glove. Mr Munson, you will be forever missed.

Clermont, FL: My favorite memory was listening to the GA/FL game in 1980 while working on my house and so sad as it appeared the Dawgs were gonna lose it & then Larry said, "run Lindsay run" & "I broke my chair" right after the TD. Thanks Larry for the memories!

Antonio (juffair, bahrain): i remember being at work on saturday afternoon and not being able to watch the games we would turn it to bulldog radio 97.7 Vidalia GA. Larry gave th

Brock Young: God Speed Larry!

Melissa Canton GA: Larry, You are a legend in broadcasting and your own personality made you. Wish more could be like you. Thanks for your witty humor.

Bob K (Atlanta): Larry was the best. As a student from '71 to '75 and a fan afterward, you were a part of all my best game day memories. You probably deserve a substantial commission from Sony for all the radio headsets you sold. Until you came along, there was no reason to take a radio to the game.

Heather (Carrollton): Watching the Georgia games growing up, we would mute the TV announcers and turn the radio up to hear Larry way ever to watch the Dawgs!

Paul (Orlando): "Can you imagine all them dawgs people renting condo's in St. Simon and Jekyl island, man there's going to be some property destroyed tonight"

Michael Smith (Auburn, GA): Listening to Larry on the radio was the greatest way to experience the game outside of the stadium. Larry Munson was the greatest announcer ever.

Margy W (St. Simons Island, Ga.: I always can't wait for Football season to come so I can hear Larry's voice. He always made my weekends.

Michael Canton, GA: Thanks for the memories Larry. Rest in peace old friend.

Debby (Athens): You have always been the voice and heart of the Bulldog Nation and will be forever missed!

Ward Cole (Bainbridge): God Must have nedded a play-by-play man. "Get the picture" and God bless Larry.

Rod Folmar Hoover Al: Larry May you RIP. Listened to you from 1966 as a student on. You are the Greatest.

carrollton: Thanks for alll the Great years Larry'll always be the voice of the Bulldawgs!!!

steve: thanks for all the years.

Joe Marcus Driftwood, TX: God Bless Larry Munson. I've met royalty, presidents, governors and assorted celebrities and Larry is still the ONLY person that I got nervous about meeting! The best!


Gary (Chattanooga Tn): Larry was the best. I started hearing Larry in 1979 when I was just a kid. Very sad day for the bulldog nation. God bless Larry and GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!

Mark Biggs (Guyton): My memories of Larry go back before cable TV. I remember many Saturday afternoons glued to the radio for his play by play. He painted a picture with every word. Even his expressed fears of an opponent added to the tension as a set there and listened. Seeing the whole game in my head thanks to his words. RIP Larry. I missed you when you retired; I miss you more now. Hunker down and put in a good word with the Big Man about a national Championship next year!

Andrew (Thomaston): I think even fans of our rivals, Auburn, Alabama, Flordia would even have to admit that Larry was one of the best. As a bulldog fan myself, this very much saddens me... But God needed the best to call the best up in Heaven. Larry, We'll miss you, now go call some more games bud!

Stanley Lott (Douglas, GA): I cannot stop the tears to my eyes. I knew Mr. Munson very well. We use to talk about Andre "Pulpwood" Smith (1983-1984) and Joel "Cowboy" Parrish (1974-1976) (Both from Douglas, GA/Coffee County my home town) at practice on Wednesday's & Thursday's when he came by the practice field when Coach Dooley was the Head Coach and I was a Trainer. I have the tapes that he made me of all of "Pulpwood's TD runs in 1984. He loved the name "Pulpwood". Mr. Munson, I miss you and I love you and most of us in the Bulldog Nation will see you again in Heaven!!!! Stanley Lott – Douglas, GA (UGA Letterman 1984-1989/Coffee County Bulldog Club - President

Holly (Austell, Ga): I have such wonderful childhood memories of watching the Dawgs play on tv, but my parents would have the volume off so we could listen to Larry Munson

Cody (commerce, ga): I am 23 and was fortunate enough to get to hear the last years of Larry Muson's broadcasts. You didn't miss much listening to him if you couldnt watch

columbus ga: Larry get the sugar ready.

Mike, Warner Robins: Larry Munson lives on in our greatest memories of the Georgia Bulldogs. His voice, knowledge, and enthusiasm made him a Georgia icon. RIP Larry.

Chris C (Beaufort,SC): The voice of the Dawgs. When the Dawgs were on tv, the sound was down and we listened to Larry. To this day, listening to run Lindsey sends chills down my spine. R.I.P. Larry Munson.

Evan Beever (Athens): My God a Freshman! You will always be the voice of the Bulldog Nation. It will rain sugar for you this year.

Bill Joost ( Jacksonville): A full life, well lived. Would I ever have loved the Dawgs as much without you? requiem in pace

Jim MacMahon, Marietta: Larry came to Athens my last year there, & a few years later in the 70's and early 80's he & Ms. Munson would bring their prescriptions to the pharmacy I was working at in Marietta. He never talked much & was kinda grumpy, but it was always an honor to have him in the store. Ms Munson came most of the time, but occasionally he would bring his boys in. As with everyone, you never listened to the TV guys, but turned the sound off and listened to the radio. He was a special person on the radio and will be missed for a long, long time. Scott Howard does a great job, and was tutored by Larry and was his partner a long while, and we appreciate him.

Lenny Pasquale Midville GA: Greatest Dawg ever!

Pam Flanigan (Buna, TX): I loved listening to him call the games! RIP Larry

Bob Duncan (Centreville VA): Met him once at a pizza joint on Baxter St. after a game in 1987. Shook his hand, got his autograph. Framed it. An icon never to be forgotten. Loveya Larry!

Ritchie (Columbus): He ran right over two men.

Russell, ( Conover ,NC: Wonderful childhood memories of that famous voice of the Bulldogs. R.I.P. Larry Munson

Bradley Farmer (Dawsonville): Larry, you said you wanted to be remember as Georgia's 12th man....... You were!

Kasey, Taylor and Alexis: You gave us some great times and memories Larry. God Bless and Go Dawgs!!

Bob: Look at the tears falling from our eyes! Bless you Larry. Now God can listen to the Dawgs properly

Todd (Dunwoody): The Bulldog Nation always had one voice. One that spoke for us and let the world know exactly what we were thinking and feeling. All those years ago, we too broke a metal steel chair, we did destroy some property that night, we were amazed that he was just a freshman; Auburn did mess up with the clock; our hearts were torn out and bleeding, my God almighty we saw what he did, we did brake their nose with a hobnail boot. So weather it was Appleby to Washington; Belue to Scott or Greene to Haynes it was always Larry to US...Thank You!

Mike (Baldwin FL): RIP Larry Munson. You will be missed by all the Dawg nation. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Munson family.

Shirley (Watkinsville, GA): I grew up listening to Georgia Football and knew that listening to Larry Munson call the games was special. We will always remember te best Dawg Fan EVER! God Bless Larry Munson!

Vonda (Rome): The best experience in college football-sitting in Sanford Stadium watching the Bulldogs and listening to Larry Munson on the radio.

Ryan (Fairburn): Larry, You will be missed. Thanks for all the great memories. The Georgia Bulldog Nation will miss you.

Bill (McDonough): Larry, you were the best! You will be missed.

Debbie, Knoxville, TN: Larry Munson swapping DAWG stories with Lewis Grizzard, wouldn't that be something to see. Thank you Munson family for sharing a treasure with the Bulldog Nation.

Tom (Loganville): R.I.P. Larry, The Girders are bending in Heaven Now.

Rhett (Bogart, GA): Mr. Munson was and for this Dawg always will be Georgia Football. Goodbye old friend. It's big cigars and UGA touchdowns in heaven. RIP

Gibby (Marietta): Sat in my car in 1984 in Ft. Lauderdale listening to UGA/KY at night. We beat them 37-7. With Larry you might have thought the opposite was occurring.

M. Amos (Brunswick, Ga): Larry we will truly miss you! Your passion for the Dawgs is why my love for Georgia is so deep!

B-Dawg (Charleston, SC): Thanks Larry! You were the best! GO DAWGS!

Pat (Monroe, GA): Thanks for all the wonderful Bulldog memories. We will miss you! GO DAWGS!

adrian brooklyn ny: rip larry munson georgia bulldogs radio voice go dawgs!!!!

Jenny - Augusta: A TRUE Bulldog would always listen to Larry, whether at the game or watching the TV. With Larry you could truly "see it all on the Radio". RIP my Bulldog friend.

tc statesville, nc: thanks Larry, always my favorite GO DAWGS

Jeff Butler (Dahlonega): Larry Munson, just listening to his voice calling the Georgia games would give anyone reason to cheer for the Dawgs, he will be missed but never forgot. rest in peace Larry, and thanks for all the memories. All Dawgs go to Heaven.

David (Bainbidge): Simply Put, a U.G.A. legend that will always be remembered.

D. Scarbrough (Atlanta: Athens will never be the same

SSG Steven Smith US ARMY (Perry Ga): Saturday afternoon, cold beer and a room of friends all listening to Larry Munson as the red and black Hunker Down!!! It's good to be a DAWG

Dick, Dothan, AL: While I was In the Army in Vietnam in 1969, I was working on some reports in our company's orderly room. One of the guys was listening to music on his transistor radio via the Armed Services Radio Station in Saigon. Suddenly the music was replaced by Larry MunsonÂ's familiar voice. Larry was broadcasting the annual Georgia-Florida game from Jacksonville. For the next several hours, I was able to forget about the war and enjoy the ball game, a very memorable 13-13 tie. Thanks Larry for all the memories!

Colleen Foskey: Larry Munson was a large part of why I loved UGA as a little girl. My dad and I would listen to the radio and watch the tv. My parents helped me live my dream of going to UGA. I have lost a part of me. It's a sad time in Dawgtown.

Charlie (Powder Springs): Larry, you're still the best!!

Robert (Pineview): Larry Munson will always be as much a part of Georgia Football as Georgia Football was a part of him.

Shawn Bargeron (simpsonville S.C): RIP LARRY GOD BLESS AND THANK YOU!!!!

Josh Bernstein (Atlanta): No one ever heard to Larry, we felt him through our radio. Larry Munson is Georgia Football and he will always be a part of the Bulldog Nation.

Joey Scott ( Brunswick,Georgia: Larry we will miss you very much. You brought to the dawg nation a very unique voice. the voice that now and forever will be remembered as the voice of the Georgia Bulldogs. Rest in peace. I will meet you in heaven when God calls me home.

Dorothy of Lilburn,GA: Thanks Larry! RIP!

Griff (Brunswick,GA): I remember when the games were on television, I would turn the sound down and turn up the radio to listen to Mr. Munson's play by play...the only way to listen to the Dawgs play! RIP

seth: Saturdays in Athens haven't been and won't ever be the same again. Thanks for the memories Larry!

Cordele/Vienna Bulldog Club: RIP Larry Munson, a Bulldog Tradition

Sam Foskey (Carbondale, IL): Larry Munson's calling of the game is the main reason I became a Georgia fan

Wes Walker (the dawg pound): Radio broadcast just aren't the same without Larry. We'll miss you.

Richard Thom (Murrayville, Georgia): Every Saturday, we would watch the Georgia game and turn the TV volume all the way down so we could here Larry on the radio. He will be missed.

Amy (Augusta, GA): I remember the whole family gathering at my Grandma's watching Georgia play (80's). TV was muted with the radio blaring Munson's calls. RIP Mr. Munson

Angela (Alpharetta): Will always remember turning down the TV and turning up Larry Munson! My childhood memories of the Dawgs are entrenched with all of those great calls!

Steve Barwick, Sumter, SC: Mr. Munson is calling a new game "between the hedges" of his heavenly home. Thanks for the memories.

J.C. Faulkner (Columbus GA): Thanks for the memories Larry. RIP

Adam Fleeman (Anderson, SC): Larry, Now that you are gone there is a hole in the heart of Bulldog Nation. When I moved from Georgia to South Carolina, I couldn't always go back home and go to Athens for the games. But you always brought Athens to this homesick Bulldog on fall saturday afternoons. My favorite memories of you is that when I watched the game on tv I would turn the volume off so I could listen to your play by play, and I would find myself migrating away from the tv and sitting on the edge of my seat at the radio hoping the Dawgs would Hunker down one more time. I miss you, God Bless You Hairy Dawg.

Eric Singer (Marietta, GA): In Memory of Larry: The one who so easily helped me fall in love with Georgia football(& radio). I'll always cherish the excitement you created!

Melissa Hunnicutt Stone (Ponte Vedra FL: Listening to the Dawgs hasn't been the same without you. A legend in time that will never be forgotten. RIP

Harlan (Lilburn): We should dedicate the field to Larry. Call it 'Munson Field at Sanford Stadium'.

Skydawg (Kennesaw): Since 1964 and especially since 1968, I have heard EVERY Georgia football game. Either radio or internet. I once paid $187 to call WSB from London to be put on hold so I could listen to Larry call a Tennesee game. We were losing badly but I listened to the whole game over a scratchy phone line just to hear you Munson. Have a cigar with my Dad and lead us to win over Tech. God has a new Dawg. God will listen too. Love ya Munson. Loren, what a ya got?

Kyle (Louisville,Ky): The Legendary Voice Of The Dawgs!!!

Dr. Ed Hil Cumming, GA: Larry Munson was Georgia football!

Jim & Judy Lanfrey (College Station, TX): Remembering our UGA days and Larry Munson's melodious messages on those wonderful football Saturdays on campus. We are grateful forever fans! He is truly a legend.

Starke Fl.: You will always be the greatest I will never forget your hot nail boot call R.I.P.

Amy (Mobile, AL): Larry, enjoy your time watchin’ ball with the Ugas in Heaven. Too many damn good dogs gone too soon. RIP.

jason mills: the hobnail boot is shining bright in heaven All dawgs go to heaven

JT Catudal (Haymarket, VA): After graduating in ’79 I embarked on an over 26 year military career – far from Sanford Stadium – but it was Larry Monson who always brought me home on game days – in living color and passion – I could see everything he painted with his voice – God Speed Larry – you are a great American and a mighty fine Dawg!

Kay (Atlanta): The Dawg Nation has lost a great man, and he will be missed. May he rest in peace.

Justin White (Peachtree Corners, GA): My favorite Larry Munson moment is actually a story he told about his Father-In-Law "Big Harry" and the hunting trip. He will be missed!

Winder Judge: Who needed TV when Larry Munson was doing the play-by-play??? Larry was THE voice of the dawgs. You're in great company with Lewis, Skip, Ernie Johnson, Sr., and Al Ciraldo... Rest in Peace!

Ashley(Columbia,Sc): Since i can remember i've been watching&listening to the bulldog nation.Larry Muson seemed to make every game come to life when he would broadcast.My family is spilt between UGA and GEORGIA TECH.Larry you are a longed lived person that is apart of the bulldog nation..and you will ever remain in Our Hearts(Fans..ect)..We really wished you could be here to watch the dawgs play georgia tech this saturday and most of all play in the SEC Championship Game..But we all know you are watching the game from above..and that i got a feeling that this game satuday will be for you Larry Munson.We Love You..GO DAWGS SIC EM!!

Gary H. (Newnan, GA): Munson on the radio and the sound turned down!! Saturdays growing up in the Bulldawg Nation!! The true voice of the DAWGS will foever live in our hearts! Hunker Down one more time!!

Dan Hilley Albany, Ga: We all miss Larry! I was captured as little pup by Mr. Munson's voice. It was then my responsibility to pass that on to my son. Generations of Bulldogs will never forget Larry breaking his chair in excitement! Love you Larry!

Paul (Tifton, Ga): I use to watch the game but listen to it on the radio. Theres nothing like hearing Munson call the game. You will be missed R.I.P GO DAWGS

Clark (Perry): Back during my early years as a disk jockey at a local radio station in Eastman, we carried all the Bulldog games. I can still hear that unique voice of Larry in my headset. He was indeed the voice of the Bulldogs and will be difficult to replace.

jay harwell: I LOVE GE


Chester and T-nigs (SC): Larry Munson was a huge part of our childhoods and we’re forever grateful for that. The Bulldog Nation lost a damn good dawg, but he will never be forgotten. Rest in peace and hunker down, Larry.

Randy Newnan Ga: I have enjoyed trying to sound like Larry for years but I nor anyone else could have done the job that Larry did. Greatest announcer to ever live. We love you Larry. May God bless your family.

Kathi Logue(Thomson, GA): Voice of the Bulldogs we will miss you...Hope your voice rings over Sanford Stadium on Saturdays forever....Go Dawgs!!!

Tim (South Fl): Who could forget the Lindsay Scott call against the Gators??? You WERE the Bulldogs to us Larry

Kennesaw: Who could ever forget Larry? May it please God to give him a peaceful rest, AND let us hope that some time in the future we can get and announcer with his vigor and excitement (sorry Hondo).

Billy Strain (Kennesaw, Ga.): Who could ever forget Larry? May it please God to give him a peaceful rest, AND let us hope that some time in the future we can get and announcer with his vigor and excitement (sorry Hondo).

Lisa and Billy Lee '00, Springfield, VA: As Tony Barnhart stated in the intro to Mr. Munson's autobiography; Larry Munson will always be the Voice, the Heartbeat, and the Spirit of what it means to be a Georgia Bulldog. And we are all damned lucky to be a part of it. Prayers are sent to the Munson family. To us he was the voice of the Bulldogs, but to them he was much more.

Pam; Madeira Beach, Fl.: Yes, Larry we "get the picture" and tears just like the sugar are falling from the sky! You are surely missed, RIP

Barry Brandon Ms.: Simply the BEST Dawg Ever.

kmedel: "Hobnail Boot", "Lindsey Scott"...those times, those memories...eternally will be missed! GO DAWGS AND LARRY!

Hamp (Augusta): Get the picture: Dawg Nation has lost its "voice". RIP Larry. There will NEVER be another like you.

Erik Atkinson (Ringgold): U.G.A. (Undeniably Gifted Announcer)

joe c. young harris ga: we love you and we've missed you since your retirement.

hunter long madison ga: there is nobody like lary and uga is playing lsu in the sec championship in the dome

Bill (Madison Al.): You made me a UGA fan for life...Best call 2006 Tech ground out the victory in the last seconds...

Ed Smith, Chattanooga, TN: Do they still give a special cheer before the game when they put the "Hobnail Boots" highlight on the big screen?

Red and Black: There will be some tears shed on Jekyl Island tonight.

David Mason (Waycross): Best Memory; October 9th, 1993, Larry Munson announces my name in the Georgia lineup as a take the field at Sanford Stadium for the first time as a Georgia Bulldog. Thanks for the memories.

jill haynie, Tybee Is ga: You're in great company...all the ugas and Urk, and I know my Daddy found you pretty quick..... The memories with Dad and me and the rest of the family listening to you on the radio...... we always muted the TV..... may you rest in pease.... but can you Pour Some Sugar on us, every now and then...Go Dawgs..... Bulldog Nation let me hear it.... I say Larry you say Munson...... LARRY.....

Brandon (Lenox): Larry, you were the greatest and there will NEVER be another like you. You were and always will be a legend and all of the Bulldawg Nation will miss you, "worse than bonkers!"

teacherdan (Greenwood, SC): No other announcer in college football has been as beloved in the hearts of the nation as Larry Munson. He was the voice of the DAWGS. RIP, Larry.

Alex, Jax: This win was for you Larry. You are the reason I am a diehard UGA fan. We miss you!

Tony Strickland(Blackshear): Larry, you were one of a kind. GO DAWGS! We will miss you.

Tony Strickland (Blackshear): Larry, you were one of a kind. You will be missed. Go Dawgs!

Tom (Blacksburg): Long before I saw my first game in the stadium, I remember hearing on my little portable radio "there goes Herschel, there goes Herschel"

Mike (Savannah,Ga.): Larry, you are king & always will be in the hearts of Bulldawg Nation.

Mike Williams (Dallas, Ga): The best there ever was! You will be missed.

Richard (Charleston, SC): I'll never forget the vivid imagery that Larry painted in my head game after game. I spent most games with the TV on mute just to hear him call them.

Ricky D. Smiths, Ala: You are greatly missed! and forever in our hearts! Thanks!

Michael - Round Rock TX: Larry's famous call of the sugar is falling from the sky, was great, but the greatest was I JUST BROKE MY CHAIR, No-one but Larry could do that. Larry you will be missed by all DAWG fans, and football fans across the south, and nation GOD BLESS YOU.

Anne Davis, Cornelia, GA: I loved Larry so much that I would never listen to the TV announcers. I would always mute the TV and find the DAWGS on the radio. Peace, Larry!

Danny Smith: Whenever you hear Larry Munson's voice the memories come flooding back of Georgia football and family. RIP Larry

Tim (Tallapoosa): Larry, you were one of a kind. There will never be another Larry.. I don't want there to be another Munson. Thanks for the wonderful memories.. RIP Larry

Columbia, SC: Larry, there will be another like you. Rest in peace.

Drew Smith Dalton, GA: Never forget watching the game on mute and radio on. RIP Mr. Munson

Ronny Kelly (Winder Ga): larry was the reason I became a Georgia fan! I listened to him call the games while I was in the Navy from 79-83

Tampa: You will be greatly missed, Larry! Growing up in Atlanta I used to hang on your every word at those games since 1971!

Parker Owen (Kingsport, TN): Thank you Larry for some of the best memories of my lifetime! No one could call a game like you. We miss you already, but are grateful that we had you for all those years.

Lance Lastinger: What a legend, what great memories. i'll never forget the dawgs on TV and Larry on the radio. Who wanted TV volume. Gonna miss u Larry!!!

Doug J tucker: Look at the sugar falling from the SKY!

Debra, Chamblee,GA: Look at the tears falling from the sky....Look at the tears falling from the sky. Larry, you were a true artist at painting the picture. The BEST damn dawg!!

chris fountain dallas, ga: Larry, it feels like a family member has been lost. thanks so much for the memories. "get the picture now" we love ya!

loganville: Everyone who goes to the Munson memorial should take a big red helium balloon (or 2) with their favorite Munson quotes written on it to release at the end of the ceremony. Look at the Sugar falling..., and he's only a freshman..., I just broke my chair... It would be a nice tribute to Larry to see the sky filled with red. Spread the word.

Kathy (Mexico City): Larry, you lifted Lindsay Scott into legend in 1980 as you counted down the yards he passed on his way to save a national title. No one will EVER fill your hobnail boots. If IÂ'm very, very good and make it to Heaven, I'll hear your immortal voice once more. Thanks for the thrills, and deepest condolences to your family.

Wetumpka, AL: Turning the sound off on the TV and listening to Larry call the game on the radio was a tradition in my home when I was growing up in south GA. RIP

Daniel (Clarkesville Ga.): you will be missed, loved to here you on the radio better than anyone

Chip Whitfield: I will never forget the run Lindsay run call because it was a father son moment. My dad and I were on a hunting trip, but being good dawgs we went back to the motel to watch the game. We yelled and cheered and hugged and I will never forget that afternoon

DANIEL YOUNG (Tyler, TX): L.M.- Im sure you're up there painting the heavens red. Just know that the Dawgs are gonna "Hunker down just one more time" for you this yr as we face LSU, Sat in the Dome. And as the clock ticks down to 00:00, I just know you'll be getting your Sugar ready to pour on us and fall from the sky! DAMN GOOD DAWG!

John (Goldsboro, NC): I also used to mute the TV to listen to Larry! My two favorite calls are, "Lindsay Scott, Lindsay Scott...I just broke my chair..." from my Senior year in High School, and "Oh my God, Oh my God..." (Kevin Butler's kick against Clemson) my Senior year at UGA! I can still hear him say, "Come on, Dogs, Hunker DOWN one more time!"

Chad (Andrews AFB, MD): So many great calls... Larry, you made us all feel as if we were right there at field level with the team. If ever I thought there was another fan, who wanted the Dawgs to win more than me, it was you. Thanks for the memories... rest in peace, my friend!

Mike(Oley,PA): Run, Larry, Run!! greatest voice in college football, I bet You,Lewis and Ludlow are spinning some tales now!! R.I.P.

Stephen Markham: I came back from Russia to finish my business degree at UGA so that I could hear Larry Munson bring the Dogs home no matter what the score every Fall.

Travis Middleburg, FL: Larry, You were the best at calling what was happening on the field before the TV even showed it. RIP and Run Lindsay Run!!!

Townsend, TN.: First time I heard Larry had blind date with my husband of now 42 years.

Lewis Culpepper: Larry, you started at UGA the same time I did and gave us MUCH to be proud of...!!!

Caroline (Savannah): Thank you Larry Munson!! I always get goosebumps when I here you talk. You will forever be part of the Bulldawg legend

Ethan Satterfield (Savannah, GA): I miss working out in the yard while the Georgia Game was on pay-per-view and listening to him on the radio.

Larry (Macon,GA): I heard him do his first UGA game when I was a 14 year old Dawg fan and I heard him do his final game. I don't think I missed more than two or three in between. We all miss him terribly but how great would it be to be up 10 points this Saturday with "96..95..94.. to go" and hear him say "Look at the Sugar falling out of the sky...Look at the sugar falling out of the sky"! Larry E Macon

Kramer, Vidalia: The greatest voice ever. Thanks for the memories.

Steven Chambless, Waycross, Ga: Larry where ever you are I'm sure it's Raining Sugar and you are walking around in your HOBNAIL Boots. DAMN GOOD DAWG!!!!!

Tricia (Atlanta): Hunker down up in heaven Larry.

Fawn Dunn (Loganville, Georgia): So thankful I got the REAL BULLDAWG EXPERIENCE - Thank you Larry Munson. Godspeed and Go Dawgs

Americus, Ga.: Nothing like turning the TV on mute, and listening to Larry on the Radio. You will be deeply missed.

Denise Daleski: I grew up listening to you & it feels like a part of my family died when you left us. I know you are calling the UGA games in Heaven. RIP We Miss You!

michael grammer columbus,ga: we always turned the tv down and listened to larry, we miss him

Jim (Loganville): Larry, you could make anything sound exciting. I named my dog after you. You will be missed.

Jeffrey Shadron (Brunswick, Georgia): Larry was the Greatest! He'll certainly be missed! GO DAWGS!!!

Dave Minter (Tifton): You were the greatest! A damn good dawg! You will be missed.

David Pollack (Charlotte, NC): I remember after Stafford-to-Massaquoi in the 2006 Tech game: "Hey, Scott? Who do we sue if we have a stroke?" RIP Larry. You were the greatest.

lakeland fla: We will miss you Larry.R.I.P.Thank God we can listen to Larry on You Tube...

Jeff Britt North Augusta SC: Rest in Peace,you are the greatest

Gary Sullivan (Dahlonega, GA): Saturdays with Larry and the Dogs! That was the life! Prayers to Larry and family!

Kirk (Fletcher, NC): Awesome memories listening to Larry on Saturdays while camping in the North Georgia mountains!!

Joshua Jackson Athens, GA: Thanks for teaching me the meaning of those 2 simple words...GO DAWGS!!!

E Peace (Braselton, GA): For years as a kid working on the farm, I had Munson in my ear on my transistor radio. Absolutely NOTHING like him-glad my kids knew him, too!

Perry (Winder): There'll never be another Larry Munson!!! Unique in every way! RIP my friend.

Bryan Henderson (Marietta, GA): Larry Munson was a Damn Good Dawg!!!!

Conyers: Truly one of a kind. God Speed.

Steve Farley (Royston, Ga.): Just when you thought you heard him say it all he would amaze you again and again. Remarkably entertaining.

Albuquerque, NM: Hobnail boots- Larry those words will never leave this mind.

Drew Parrish (Savannah, GA): Never forget sitting with my dad with the tv muted and Larry on the radio!

Scott Decorah Ia: Will never forget the call when Lindsay scored the winning td RIP Larry

Nate Fite (Ft Walton Beach, FL): Larry Munson's voice calling the Georgia games over the radio...part of the best memories of my childhood in Athens. Thank you Mr. Munson!

Matthew Putman: I remember listening to you call so many games as a small child and you had me hooked. You will be greatly missed and never forgotten! You were truly the best at what you did!

David Franklin Miiledgeville Ga: Was sitting just below the press box Florida game 1980. I could here Larry yelling run Lindsey run. will never forget that moment. He will be missed.

Jazz Higbee: Usually, I would turn down the sound on the TV and listen to Larry call the game. He was infinitely MORE exciting and interesting than anyone they had on TV...Occasionally on a nice, cool, fall day, I'd sit outside on the patio and VISUALIZE what was happening while listening.....Never had a problem following the game thanks to Larry. He was one-of-a-kind.......Oh, how we miss you!!

Jose Luis Tampa: Im new to Bulldog Nation... But it hasn't taken me long to realize just how special Larry was to the DAWGS, He will be forever missed. God Bless!

Jack: Hunker Down One Last Time

Karen (Titusville, FL): RIP Larry! Thanks for the amazing memories I have of listening to you call the DAWG games with my daddy! There will never be another as good as Larry Munson!

Edward Harris (Marietta GA): You are one of a kind. Thanks. RIP.

Greg (Travlers Rest ,SC): Thanks Larry , you made everything about the game come to life especially in a time when it was rare to see the Dawgs on TV .
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