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Approaching 800

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As some know, but most probably don't, as these things tend to slip under the radar with those types of coaches who never want the recognition for themselves, Georgia women's basketball head coach Andy Landers is one win away from his 800th at Georgia. He won an additional 82 games while coaching at Roane State (a junior college) from 1975-79, but the NCAA doesn't recognize those wins - meaning that in their eyes, tonight is the true No. 800. 

We will be on hand for the game tonight, live tweeting updates from our Twitter account @UGAHedgesBlog, so be sure to follow along as one of the greatest Bulldogs ever chases history.

For now, here is some afternoon reading on Landers' milestone:

SEC Digital Network: Landers goes for win 800

It's Midnight Somewhere!

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You've heard of basketball teams holding Midnight Madness to kick off the season... well, Georgia is about to do the same thing, from 7-10 PM this Friday night in Stegeman Coliseum. It's not exactly "midnight," but it's still going to be a great event and we hope you'll join us for Basketbash! 

Information on the event, including can't-miss giveaways, can be found here

Also make sure you view the men's and women's season previews from the good folks at GTV.

For an unprecedented amount of updates on men's basketball, be sure you're following @UGABasketball on Twitter - seriously, you won't believe how many updates! And speaking of Twitter - wonder when @UGACoachLanders will start taking pictures of his cow and sharing them with us again. It doesn't get much better than that during WBB season.

It's Football's bye week so be sure you come out and support the Hoop Dawgs this Friday night! See you there!

The Great Transformation

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It's always amazing to think about how many sporting events take place at UGA each week. But what most people don't realize is how many people it takes to make those events run smoothly, and how much time and energy is put into making sure our student-athletes and coaches are able to do their jobs without having to worry about any of the behind-the-scenes details. We're lucky here at Georgia to have some of the best and hardest working folks in the business, whether they've been here 30 years or 30 days. Everyone's role is important and together we're able to help our teams compete at the highest level each and every day.

One of the most striking examples of this, however, and something that doesn't get near the amount of attention it deserves is something I'll refer to as The Great Transformation. Ever stop to think about the fact that less than 24 after the Gym Dogs are through competing in Stegeman Coliseum, there are often basketball games? Or vice versa? There have been times when it had to go from basketball to gymnastics to basketball in a 3-day span, and the process of converting the building from one set-up to the other is amazing. 

After last Friday night's gymnastics meet vs. UCLA, we had the chance to catch up with facility manager Melvin Robinson, who spearheads The Great Transformation, and explained a little bit of the process that he and his crew go through dozens of times each winter/spring.

Robinson said his staff about 15-20 people usually take between 3 1/2 - 4 hours to both break down one set-up and assemble the other. 

"It's longer going from basketball to gymnastics because we have to make sure everything is right," Robinson explained. "[Assistant gymnastics coach] Doug [McAvinn] helps with making sure everything is set up properly, that the measurements are right, the weights are right, so that way takes a little more time. It's closer to four hours when we have to go that direction."


"We just get in here, tear it all apart. Tonight, we'll move all the equipment, bring the rims back out, clean the floor. We're more efficient and effective with the process now, and I really enjoy it. I like to get after it, work hard and see the end result."

Robinson said he learned the set-up and break-down process from others on his staff who had been doing it before he got here, and once you watch it happen a few times you get it.


Next time you watch a Gym Dogs meet and come back that same weekend to see a basketball game, don't forget to think about how that was possible!!

Be social!

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Good Thursday afternoon, Bulldog Nation!

Going to make this one quick, as we've all got to go home and take our naps before the big men's basketball game tonight at 9 PM ET! Georgia taking on Kentucky at the unforgiving Rupp Arena tonight on ESPN! On that note, though, I want to invite you all to participate in something really cool tied in with the game. The one and only Jay Bilas (@JayBilas) will be on hand in Lexington on a strictly social media mission. Jay is going to be faciliiating a conversation about the game using the hashtag #askbilas. Fans are encouraged to use that hashtag to talk about the game and ask Jay questions, and the best tweets will even make it to air! Please help support the Bulldogs and show them the love tonight on Twitter! 

Also in the world of social media, we've got something very new and exciting in the hopper for you. Starting now, we've embedded an page on the left side of our official Facebook (, where you'll be able to watch all the men's and women's basketball games as long as both teams are playing in their respective SEC tournaments. So log onto Facebook and click "ESPN3" on the sidebar to stay up to the minute with the action!


On that note, we're signing off on Between The Hedges. But please continue your reading and viewing here on the folks at GTV and IMG have some great videos for you this week so please check them out!


A surprise on the sideline...

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Well, as promised, it's Friday at 3:00 and we have some interesting news to dish out here on Between The Hedges.

So... while we were sad to see former Bulldog golfer Bubba Watson fall in the Match Play Championships, something good has definitely come from it! You may remember back in September when Watson and Lady Bulldogs head coach Andy Landers made a friendly wager - Watson would try to hit a golf ball from down on the football field out of Sanford Stadium in exchange for the chance to guest coach a game this season. 

If you haven't seen it yet, and need visual confirmation, you can watch the amazing feat of strength here

With Watson's weekend suddenly opened up, the time is now for the pair to make good on their bet. Bubba is set to come to Athens this weekend and join Landers on the sideline for the women's basketball game as the Lady Dogs take on LSU at home on Sunday at 5 p.m. 

A bit of back story is that, incidentally, Bubba is married to former Lady Bulldog Angie Ball (1997-2000), and they've stayed close with Landers and the program over the years. Of course, there has been some friendly Twitter banter today, with both parties obviously looking forward to Sunday, just as we hope you are. Come out and support the Lady Bulldogs in their home finale and check out a Bulldog legend in a bit of different role!

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