Interviewing 101

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With millions of people on Twitter, Facebook, and every other social networking tool out there, it makes sense that collegiate student-athletes - often in high-profile positions in campus - would be right in the thick of things when it comes to sharing information this way. In dealing with the ease with which fans, media, and donors can readily view student-athletes social media profiles, and the fact that nothing is private these days (and once it's out there, it's permanent), it has become increasingly important for these student-athletes to be educated, to learn what to do and - perhaps more importantly - what not to do, as well as to understand how they can use social media to benefit themselves and their teams.

On Monday the UGA Athletic Association welcomed husband & wife media training specialists Randy Minkoff and Sue Castorino to campus to give lessons to specific teams and to freshmen on social media tips and interview etiquette. While many social media tactics, such as not posting negative comments about your opponent or photos of yourself holding a beer, might seem like common sense, student-athletes get in trouble for these very things every day, and Randy and Sue did a great job of reminding the Bulldogs to be smart.

Soccer players Tori Patterson and Elizabeth Johnson (team pictured below) spoke afterwards in an interview about how proud they are to put on a Georgia jersey and represent this university every day, which is why they said they enjoyed the tutorial on how to make sure they do a good job while they're here in this spotlight - regardless of how big or small it might be. Because someone is always out there listening.

Here's to hoping the next time you read about a Georgia student-athlete, they're conducting themselves in a way that would make you proud! Go Dawgs!


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