Connor Nolte's Olympic Summer

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The following is a blog entry written by former UGA men's basketball player Connor Nolte, who is currently pursuing an internship with the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) in Colorado Springs, Colo.

By Connor Nolte, UGA '12

My name is Connor Nolte and I spent the last 3 years at UGA playing basketball for Coach Fox, but now it is time for me to enter the real world. I applied for an internship with the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) during our season.  I remember having a phone interview on the day we flew to play LSU and finding out that I got the job while we were in New Orleans for the SEC tournament. 

The first 6 weeks of my internship have flown by.  I work in the digital media department at the USOC headquarters in downtown Colorado Springs and live ten minutes away at the Olympic Training Center (OTC) alongside world class athletes.

Its been extra busy here with the London 2012 games rapidly approaching but that means I've been able to work on some really cool projects. Here are some of the things I've been doing:

-Instagram: I made it a priority to help Team USA launch its Instagram account from Day 1. We launched it a week after I got here and, as of right now, we have 6500+ followers. You can check out the account here.

-YouTube: The USOC launched its YouTube Channel right when I arrived. I've been able to help out by occasionally uploading or tagging content we post.  One of my favorite parts of my job is related to YouTube; whenever producers come on campus to shoot videos with Olympians, I get to escort the production crews.  I've met some great people who have put together some great videos. I was on set for the filming of this video of Jordan Burroughs, a wrestler who has a great shot at winning the gold medal in London

-TeamUSA.orgMy department is responsible for Team USA's website. My fellow intern, Sarah Higgins (also a blogger), and I have been posting a good percentage of the content that goes up on the site. We receive the content from the writers and make sure it looks good when it gets up on the site. A major undertaking has been Athlete Biographies.  Every time an athlete qualifies, one of us adds him/her to the list of qualifiers. We are constantly working on the bios adding photos and updating the text. I do the photos, Sarah does the text. I'd say that the coolest part of my job was creating the bio for UGA's Shannon Vreeland who will be representing the USA in swimming.  

In case you're wondering, I haven't played too much basketball since our season ended. The one time that I did play basketball here was a pretty cool experience.  Coach Donovan from Florida was coaching the USA U18 team full of some of the best rising seniors/incoming freshmen in the country.  They were scrimmaging the Air Force Academy and Air Force needed an extra player in the second half.  I was a little rusty but went 2 for 2 from the floor for 4 points and did pretty well given the circumstances.

Like I said, it is a great time to be here with London 2012 approaching.  Last night there was a sendoff for USA Boxing. They were taking pictures with fans and signing posters. It was a cool experience to wish them luck in London. They are probably the nicest athletes out here. They have some amazing stories and I can't wait to watch them compete. I was there for most of the interviews used in this piece on 3-time Olympian Rau'Shee Warren's childhood.

We recently went over our plan for the games and it is going to be a busy but exciting time. Unfortunately, I will not be travelling to London. I will be in Colorado posting stories and watching the events on TV. There was a company-wide town hall meeting last week before everyone started heading to London to prepare. They started off showing a slide with all of the new employees. Patrick Sandusky, head of communications, picked my name out of a list of about 50 people and had me stand up and said, "Typically we have some of our interns sing their fight song when they're hired. Go ahead." I've never sung a single note in public before. It was fight or flight. I could either be a good sport and play along or be too cool and sit back down. I "sang" five words "Glory, Glory to ole Georgia", sat down, and turned bright red.  But if I have to sing anything in front of an entire company there are no other words I'd rather sing!


Connor Nolte (left) with Rau'Shee Warren, three-time Olympian in boxing.

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