Exclusive pre-NFL draft Q&A with Brandon Boykin

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As Georgia letterman Brandon Boykin gears up for tonight's NFL draft, he chatted exclusively with Between The Hedges on his thoughts on the draft, his time at Georgia, and more.



BtH: Hey Brandon, thanks for talking to us so close to your big day. What've you been up to since last season?

Boykin: I've been training for the combine and draft in Pensacola basically since the season ended. Then there was the Senior Bowl, and since that I've come home to Atlanta and been working out for a couple teams and stuff.

BtH: No break, huh?

Boykin: Yeah, no days off.

BtH: How're you feeling heading into the Draft tomorrow?

Boykin: I'm really excited for it. I'm hoping to go in the first or second round, first day, and that's where a lot of people have me projected, but whenever I'm called I'll be thrilled.

BtH: Going to be a special moment?

Boykin: It's going to be the biggest moment of my life. Playing in the NFL has been my dream since I was a kid. I started playing football when I was 8 or 9, and getting to play in the NFL has always been my goal. And pretty soon I'll be hanging around waiting for my name to get called. It's exciting.

BtH: How do you feel your time and accomplishments at Georgia have prepared you for the next step?

Boykin: It's the thing that got me here. Without it, I wouldn't be in this situation, about to go in the Draft. Being able to play at Georgia and in the SEC prepared me for what I'm ready to face next, being a pro.

BtH: Not to look to far ahead or anything, but what do you see yourself doing in 10 or so years, or after your playing career is over?

Boykin: If I'm fortunate enough to still be playing that'd be awesome, but after that's over I want to get into sports broadcasting. Using the relationships and contacts I make over my career, that's what I want to end up doing.

BtH: I'm sure we'd all love to hear you calling some Bulldog games.

Boykin: That'd be awesome. I'd love to get to do that.

BtH: Thanks again for sitting down to chat. Anything you'd like to say to all the Georgia fans?

Boykin: Just thanks for all the support over the years, I wouldn't be where I am without Georgia.

BtH: Good luck heading into tomorrow. We're all pretty confident you'll make us proud.

The draft begins today. Check's draft board for coverage here

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