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Well, as promised, it's Friday at 3:00 and we have some interesting news to dish out here on Between The Hedges.

So... while we were sad to see former Bulldog golfer Bubba Watson fall in the Match Play Championships, something good has definitely come from it! You may remember back in September when Watson and Lady Bulldogs head coach Andy Landers made a friendly wager - Watson would try to hit a golf ball from down on the football field out of Sanford Stadium in exchange for the chance to guest coach a game this season. 

If you haven't seen it yet, and need visual confirmation, you can watch the amazing feat of strength here

With Watson's weekend suddenly opened up, the time is now for the pair to make good on their bet. Bubba is set to come to Athens this weekend and join Landers on the sideline for the women's basketball game as the Lady Dogs take on LSU at home on Sunday at 5 p.m. 

A bit of back story is that, incidentally, Bubba is married to former Lady Bulldog Angie Ball (1997-2000), and they've stayed close with Landers and the program over the years. Of course, there has been some friendly Twitter banter today, with both parties obviously looking forward to Sunday, just as we hope you are. Come out and support the Lady Bulldogs in their home finale and check out a Bulldog legend in a bit of different role!

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